Stories here are about how the Wizards have influenced my fiction

Of all the wizards ET has by far contributed the most to my fiction career.

Beginning early on.

He could often be found standing  over my right shoulder while I worked on The Company She Keeps in our Fort Collins dining room.

Even as a local ghost repeatedly walked across the foyer before disappearing into a coat closet – details of which can be found in Destination Unknown: Explorations of the Paranormal.

Interestingly, he never commented on the two resident ghosts.

Circa late 19th Century – aka Overland Trail.

In addition to offering commentary…

“A guy wouldn’t say that you know…”

He offered thoughts on marketing the business.

“You need to put yourself out there.”

Yeah, easy for him to say.  I was still being crucified for writing about EMF Sensitivity!

Horrifically ill, I was trying to understand what the hell was making me so sick.

Research time.

Compassionate and concerned, ET turned his attention in the same direction and accompanied me on several EMF Research trips, where he learned he could manipulate air pressure around the incision site and reduce/eliminate the pain of my migraines.

Details of which are in Explorations of the Unknown.

Dragon Core

Fast forward a decade and I was walking through Seattle considering a location for Dragon Core.  

ET appeared with an opinion.

New Orleans

To put in context, ET is of the opinion I would be great writing psi-horror.  

Much of which has roots in the US South with its history of VooDoo and 17th-early 20th century practiced witchcraft.

I’ve repeatedly explained I have no interest in writing this genre.

Though I thoroughly enjoyed the Omen series – when I was 13.

I bolstered my argument by pointing out that my experience with the paranormal is not dark.

It never has been.

I don’t do Ouija or whatever else goes with that trunk of goods.

He pressed his case, maintaining he thought I would be amazing.  Sooooo….

I explained “I haven’t lived in New Orleans in decades.  There is no way I could do it justice.”

Local customs, slang, etc.

I countered that I was considering Portland, which horrified him.

He didn’t think the area I was considering – near China Town – could provide what I needed and proceeded to project images of San Francisco’s Jackson Square as an alternate.

In the end what I came up with was an amalgam of cities which include the part of Portland I felt appropriate.

He’s begrudgingly satisfied.

Rewrite That

Several ghosts have offered thoughts on various aspects of grammar.

Mostly musicians, though a fair number are former actors.

To my knowledge all of them are writers.

Mostly lyrics, though some have penned books.

They generally peer over my shoulder while I’m working, offering commentary even when not asked.

Content to just be in my presence while I work, content to remain – quietly.

I’ve determined – and confirmed with them – it’s a nice way to spend time.

Reasons of which I will be explaining in my workshop videos.

Stay tuned.