The Company She Keeps (Psi Adventure Series #2)

Sin City = Haunted City

All Caelin Montgomery wanted was a vacation. It wasn’t turning out that way. If it wasn’t noisy hotel guests keeping her up, it was noisy ghosts, one of which is just way too sexy.

It’s bad enough that Camden Reyes’ life was cut short, but his greedy uncle made it look like a suicide, destroying the singer-photographer’s reputation while at the same time profiting from it. When Caelin Montgomery shows up in his hotel room and can see and hear him, his desire for revenge is stoked, along with the fires of passion.

438d7-0983102023In love with the same woman

Mark Reynolds, manager at the Pacific Institute for Paranormal Research is on a working vacation. When his interest in a beautiful woman lands him right in the middle of the supernatural, he learns that investigating the paranormal is better than being at the center of it. Still, there is Caelin…

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