Elizabeth Maxim

It’s easy to see why science fiction and fantasy are often classified together.  By its nature, science fiction is a mix of science, fantasy, and spirituality.  

The idea of something out there fits with spiritual doctrines throughout the globe.

The Dragon Core Series, which I classify as science fiction meets fantasy, also has roots in the paranormal side of my life.  Specifically, the Muse.

The idea for this science fiction series was brought to my attention by a celestial entity I liken to a guardian angel who understands my passion for writing and seems very willing to help.

This is the presence I first became aware of when I was six which – interestingly -is when I won my first writing award.

As I was still producing nonfiction work related to EMF Sensitivity as well as finishing the Metatron’s Army and Port Gallatan Series, I made a mental note acknowledging the promise of it as a post-Metatron’s Army project, then continued with my other work.

I’d just wrapped up the nonfiction and Port Gallatan work when the Muse appeared, Dragon Core front and center on his list of projects.  Since I was about to release Adjudication, I agreed it was worthwhile to take a closer look at this project.

listened to the overall pitch, argued that the same concerns I’d raised a year earlier were still present.  

There were problems with the angle of the premise.

This frustrated the Muse to no end but I refused to proceed until we were able to resolve the issue.

For the next several days I was led to various websites and books – including nonfiction books such as Barbara Frale’s The Templars: The Secret History Revealed.  It was while sorting through the data I found a way to address my concerns.

Of all the projects, only Metatron’s Army has gotten more attention from this celestial entity. 

It’s really something to feel a passion that borders on anxiety blasting from this energy.  It was obviously very important to him.

It helps that I’d already written a series that was awfully close to Dragon Core in theme though it was more on the intrigue of the Roman Catholic Church’s influence over the monarchies of a number of European countries in the Middle Ages.  

The conflict of interest inherent in such a practice.

Muse and Writer Satisfied.  I was able to bring much of that work which was written between 1989 – 1994 into this series which made me happy since a lot of historical research went into it. I have watched as Dragon Core has evolved in a direction I never anticipated.  One thing is certain. I’m thoroughly enjoying the celestial partnership that guides my way through sci-fi.