Elizabeth Maxim

The Paranormal has been part of my life for as long as I can remember.  This gives me a unique perspective I incorporate into my works of fiction.

There is no one way this manifests.  Instead, the experiences and information I’ve gained are threaded throughout the works, influencing plots, characters, settings.

I would like to reiterate that my stories are works of fiction.  That being said:

  • I drew from my experience with ghosts throughout the Psi Adventure and Port Gallatan Series.
  • I drew from my experience as a psychic in the Hangover and Awakening Series.
  • I drew on my experience being paralyzed and, in a wheelchair – and the subsequent physical and occupational therapy – in The Lover.
  • I drew on my experience of being subjected to unnecessary and traumatic medical testing in The Seer.
  • In Metatron’s Army, Christine’s ability to see patterns is inspired by an ability I’ve had since I was six; an ability that was enhanced after the NDE.
  • In Metatron’s Army, Time Distortion Sickness is inspired by knowledge and perspective gained from the NDE.

Non-Paranormal.  Plenty of plot material is drawn from other, non-paranormal aspects of my life

Bringing perspective into works of fiction is important to me because it feeds the need to help readers suspend disbelief.

It also feeds my need to focus on strong believable characters.

I believe it makes for a better fiction experience for both writer and reader.

Perspective Is Everything.