Paranormal Journeys

                    PASSION IN THE PARANORMAL


A WORLD YOU NEVER KNEW EXISTED.  These works of adult fiction where romance takes center stage are stories of passion, adventure, and sensuality wrapped in a paranormal bow.


WHERE THE PARANORMAL MEETS LIFE.  Western society has a fascinating relationship with the paranormal.  There are distinct groups simultaneously trying to prove and disprove the paranormal exists, while many within the groups hope for and try to have a paranormal encounter.

The paranormal is all around and right in front of us.

THE ADVENTURE.  There is rich character variety in Paranormal Journeys tales

  • Those who possess abilities considered paranormal
  • Those who encounter the paranormal but have no abilities of their own
  • Supporting cast

THE PARANORMAL IN ACTION.  Paranormal phenomenon has been observed, recorded, and extensively studied for centuries.

A number of resources are available to those interested in learning more.


  • The Silva Method
  • IRVA
  • IONS



  • Something Unknown is Doing We Don’t Know What

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