I’ve alternately anticipated and dreaded the point where it was time to put this part of the project together.

Doing it while suffering a head cold doesn’t help.  

As is often the case with this enigmatic Celestial being, Time is of the Essence.

I’ve come to see recently – as in the last ten or so minutes – that there is a bit of method to his madness.

Or I should say my madness.  He’s good with it all!

Without Further Ado…

This is the area in which I will share information regarding Metatron’s influence on my life.

Areas other than my writing career.  Those can be found here.

Part of the challenge is that the situation is evolving.  

I didn’t even realize who this enigmatic being was until a little over a year ago!

Another challenge is that it’s happening to me and I’m having trouble believing it.

Life has left me a cynic and I evaluate paranormal phenomenon with a healthy dose of caution.

It doesn’t help that I grew up not believing in the existence of angels.

I thought they were the Santa Claus of wishes granted taught by women in penguin suits.

Fortunately, these truths don’t seem to irritate The dude.

Nor does the fact I refuse to call him Metatron, something I explain in Lessons From the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army.

That doesn’t mean he isn’t determined to get his way.  

To put it in context, we need to go back in Time.


As I write in After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die, the Archangel known to some as Metatron made an appearance during a Near Death Experience.  He spoke to me, told me it wasn’t my time and I had to go back, and gave me a boatload of information.

Information that was science and mathematical in nature which, at the age of 10, went over my head.

I spent the next several decades trying to decipher everything shown and explained to me which, outside the focus on math and science – and physics in particular – seemed to irritate everyone around me.

Especially those who were superstitious and/or religiously predisposed; as if the two disciplines were somehow diametrically opposed.

Without getting into it, I suspect it was about control and the rejection of independent thinking if not judgement, especially in a girl.

I lost count of the times throughout the first two and a half decades of my life people tried to dissuade me from math and science, suggesting it far better that I marry some guy and let him take care of me instead. One relative made it a point to tell me I would never find a husband unless I started to pretend I was dumb because men don’t like being married to women who are smarter than they are. If you can believe, this is one of the less painful parts of a discussion in which I was disparaged for my intelligence and independent nature.

Fortunately for me, and as I write in Lessons From the Edge, I had a number of highly educated men who were also devout Christians, who were in no way threatened by the situation.

Including my EE CEO grandfather who woke at 4am so he could go to mass in Detroit before heading into work at the international company he led.

The more I learned the more backlash I got.  Eventually, a confluence of events forced me to walk away from my efforts to decrypt everything.

It’s called survival.

The Husband.

As I write in Lessons From the Edge, Metatron had a role in selecting the man I would marry; a man who is educated in a discipline that has been a tremendous asset to my EMF Sensitivity research – EE – and is not intimidated by the paranormal side of my life.

And who isn’t the slightest bit intimidated by my intelligence.

Break’s Over.

In 2014 – when I was in the midst of the EMF Sensitivity/detox from chemical poisoning crisis – The dude decided he’d waited long enough and it was time to get back to work.

He informed me as I was getting out of a bath of apple cider vinegar that it was time to publish “the story.”

It’s Time.

As I was finishing up Bind, Book 9 in the Metatron’s Army series, he decided it was time I solve an equation he showed me during the NDE.

One that would help us communicate better.

Immediately after he gave me an intense lecture, complete with visuals, on the theory of relativity.

I got it but asked, “Just what am I supposed to do with this?”  

He wasn’t amused.

In the years since he has continued to touch base with me to address information given during the NDE and while I appreciate it, I had to point out that I’d walked away from that part of my life for a reason.

Persecution by those with various types of authority over my life and well-being.

Understanding, he stepped back.

After all, I was still recovering from heavy metal poisoning.

I Said It’s Time.

A series of events transpiring over the past 18 months have led me to the truth that his patience has worn thin and – if I’m reading the situation correctly – there’s work to do.

Trail of Breadcrumbs.

A Synchronicity Junkie I appreciate coincidences as much as the next Jungian follower but what’s happened in my life since I’ve followed the breadcrumbs – er directives – he’s handed out has made me come face to face with a lifelong legacy I’d acknowledged then shoved to a back burner.

That this Celestial presence has been in my life since long before the NDE.

I will be adding information to this section as appropriate but I will share what has me alternately staring into space and shaking my head.

As I wrote in a recent blog post, The dude urged me to purchase a book that, by the title, suggests it contains information about him.  Turns out his name is nowhere in the pages.

Not once.

What is in the tome are images I saw during the NDE.

Images he showed me.

In addition to these images are symbols he passed along to me while I was in my high school geometry class.

As described in Lessons From the Edge.

Images I drew on paper then posted on my bedroom wall so I could study them and try to figure out what they were and what they meant.

Symbols that had one of my mother’s friends telling her I was doing “devil worship” but which a friend of mine who is now an Astrophysicist with NASA explained were Calculus equation symbols.

My life.

What makes this particularly interesting – to me – is that older, more experienced, and educated in the disciplines of science and math – even before reading this book I’d begun piecing the story and meaning of what I saw and experienced together in a way that goes beyond writing it within the protection of fiction.

Which show how deep the wounds of various Inquisitions go; how many centuries they span.

Circling back to the fact this is an evolving situation, I can only share that I’m trying to grasp the enormity of events set in motion over a year ago with an emphasis on what I viewed in the book.


But as I’ve never shied away from a challenge I will continue on the path to see where it leads, sharing what I believe helpful if not relevant as appropriate.

Stay tuned.