I decided to combine Geologic and Atmospheric EMFs into one category for a number of reasons.  Information here will be what I’ve learned about the relationship between EMF Sensitivity and Geologic and Atomspheric frequencies.

It is yet another of the EMF categories of which I continue to learn.

I find it high irony that I live in a part of the world that enables me to have unique insight into both.

Wherein when I lived in the Midwest I was only affected by atmospheric.  Or was I?

As it happens, there is a relationship between EMF Sensitivity and the geology of Southeast Michigan I was unaware of.

Specifically, the Detroit Metro Area.

It has to do with salt.

But not iodine.

As I write in Riding the Waves: Diganosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, salt is a wonderful EMF Sensitivity remedy.

Specifically, taking a bath in salt water to temporarily relieve symptoms. 

Depending which EM Frequency you’re trying to block, this might not be a blessing.

Giving a bit away here but in the absence of tech-induced EMF Sensitivity, I’ve learned that other EM Frequencies can be separated out.

Thus the four pillars of EMF Sensitivity: Geologic, Atmospheric, Technologic, and Esoteric.

As a psychic creative?  Detecting certain EM Frequencies is not only beneficial, it’s criticial to who I am.  

Creative and Esoteric EMs are within the same part of the EM spectrum.  Blocking one can block the other, which I will be discussing throughout various areas under the World of EMF.

Because of this truth – that blocking one can block the other – I’ve had to be savvy about what remedies I employ when it comes to blocking various EMs, lest I shut down the ability to write.

Which, along with the loss of Psi ability, was the earliest symptom something was wrong after I’d moved to the SF Bay Area.

Enter the Wizards.

It was Chief and Merlin who helped me sort through this tangle.

A tangle I wasn’t even aware of until Chief came over to where I was working on a Metatron’s Army novel, leaned over my shoulder, and said, “The guys asked me to come and ask you to stop wearing those bracelets.  It hurts us.”

I didn’t want to hurt my fellow EMF Researchers.


But those bracelets – the material they were made of – served a beneficial purpose.

For more, see the Remedies Section of Riding the Waves.

He explained he well understood the dilemma and had a solution.

Thus began my foray into the world of dimagnetic and dilectric materials, Wizard Style.

I will be sharing what I learned in videos.

To be posted soon.  

In the meantime I can share the following


The most significant impact of geologic EMs to an EMF Sensitive**

  • In the hours and days before an earthquake I got very ill.  The closer the epicenter and the the higher on the Richter Scale, the sicker I got.

I am no longer sickened by these pre-quake EMs but I always become aware of a pending quake prior to a hit.  I get a ringing in one ear and will turn my head in the direction of the epicenter.

If the quake happens while I’m asleep I will come straight awake, declare we are about to have an earthquake, and look straight in the direction of the epicenter.

  • When I was suffering from EMF Sensitivity – aka heavy metal poisoning/imbalanced electrolytes – I felt a strong sense of doom and death whenever near or on a geologic fault line.  I got the same reaction whenever I was near a fissure from Ground Water depleted Land Subsidence, the like of which can be found all over the Western US.

Particularly in Arizona and the San Francisco Bay Area.

It is a terrible feeling and one, ironically, I never get in the presence of the Dearly Departed.

Aka Ghosts.

There is a very strong chance that prolonged exposure to this frequency – if EMF Sensitive – would lead to thoughts of suicide.

Something I will be discussing as it relates to EMF Sensitivity as a whole.


Earthquake lights aside, there are a couple of significant Atmospheric EMF related experiences that stand out

  • Prior to discovering a remedy, I used to get horrific migraines beginning 48 hours before a thunderstorm.

The cure is detailed in Ignoring the Rules: An Intriguing Approach to Resolving Calcium Toxicity.

I am happy to say that in spite of being exposed to thunderstorms – complete with plenty of lightning – both here and in the Midwest – I no longer suffer migraines.

Something I suffered from for the previous 25+ years of my life.

  • Irrespective of the symptoms associated with thunderstorms, I feel wonderful when in either of two areas known – in the US AND the World – for lightning strikes.

Orlando&St. Pete/Clearwater, FL and Tucson, AZ.

Interestingly, I ventured to an area in the Pacific Northwest known for lightning strikes and did not experience the same feeling of well-being.

My theory is that it has to do with the geology which brings me to my next interesting observation.

  • After a major quake – within hours – there is a major atmospheric disturbance.

A tropical depression, tornado, or other storm.

This observation held out regardless of where in the world the quake happened.

Including times when the SF Bay Area got a rare tornado.

Research provided an explanation.  

Ya gotta love it when science backs up human experience.

Atmospheric and Geologic EMs are of the Ultra Low and Very Low spectrum.  Nature abhors a vacuum.  After an earthquake the EMs emitted by the geologic fault go to zero. 

We have this data thanks to researchers in Japan and Turkey, later verified by scientists at Stanford. I was also lucky enough to find a paper published by a Grad Student at University of Arizona on the obervation geologic fissures of the desert also emit these Ultra Low and Very Low EM Frequencies, something I felt without the need for instrumentation to prove.

 At this point, with geologic EMs at zero, atmospheric EMs of the same part of the spectrum arrive – via the storms – to fill the vaccum.

I will continue to share what I have learned and experienced in the weeks and months to come.

Stay tuned.

**I no longer suffer from Tech-induced EMF Sensitivity. I am EM aware but I am no longer sickened.