In the course of researching EMF Sensitivity I’ve gained incredible insight into its affect on Esoteric EMFs




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One of the first signs something was wrong was a loss of Psi. 

 I’d been a psychic since childhood so this was rather traumatic.

I noted that majority of the individuals I worked with as Case Studies all possessed one form of Psi or another.

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Ghosts are EMFs.

I was able to turn an ability I’ve had since childhood – interacting with ghosts – to an EMF Sensitivity advantage.

A number of spirits have helped me understand how location, materials, and nutrition impact not only mediumship and Psi but spirituality as a whole.

I will be sharing what I’ve learned on the Wizards of War page.

Where I will introduce my ghostly advisors.


My interaction with this enigmatic Celestial being has a unique place in my tangle with EMF Sensitivity. 

I will share details as appropriate.

Information on Metatron will appear in 2 distinct locations.

How Metatron has influenced and impacted by writing career will be reported on

On the Metatron Page.

How Metatron has influenced and impacted other areas of my life will be reported under the Metatron page on this site.

Coming soon.

Though I will not be teaching how to be a psychic, the information I share will be of interest to those who are natural psychics as well as those aspiring to develop Psi ability.

Factor X

By far the most confounding of the EMF Sensitivity symptoms this esoteric EMF will be covered in a future presentation.

I will be charging for this.