Taking a break from Compass Rose to get in a little nonfiction.

I’ve been splitting my energies between the two since grade school when I started writing short stories in my notebook whenever class got boring, a tradition I carried through to boring corporate meetings.

It’s a welcome break.  

Rewriting a paragraph over and over because one word doesn’t sound right gets tedious.


I’ve written previously I’ve been trying a new manifesting technique and while I obtained early success, I’m taking time to write about another observed benefit.

After a week of diligently doing the work I noticed I’d broken through two walls of inertia, one of which had to do with trying to get back to fiction after almost a year of non.

The other was a habit I was trying to change.

I have a theory as to why this technique worked for the inertia.  To put in context, it’s documented that those who start their days with a to-do list generally accomplish more than those who do not.

Some write the list the evening before whereas others do it first thing in the morning.

I am not a to-do list person unless I have to go shopping.

Which I detest.

The process outlined in Royce’s book is similar to starting one’s day with a to-do list.

The actual scripting is somewhat like planting subliminal messages, all but guaranteeing you will carry out what you’ve forecasted.

In my lists and scripts I mention a variety of goals, two of which sprung from the fact inertia was keeping me from making progress.  Next thing I know it’s all flowing.

I highly recommend readers who are passionate about achieving and growing consider adding Royce’s book to their collection of supportive resources.

No, he isn’t paying me for the PR.


After quite a bit of frustration and no small amount of suffering, I figured out what’s behind the whole dizzy thing.  As usual, it’s complicated.

It’s also related to my nemesis, calcium.

It started with Vitamin D.

Picture a teeter-totter with Vitamin D on one side and calcium on the other.  Under ideal circumstances, our bodies would, after exposure to UV rays, produce enough vitamin D to keep calcium in check.  Thanks to a number of factors that include wearing sunscreen that blocks those critical UV rays and mowing on too much calcium via supplements and other enriched sources, and you end up with a whole host of physical issues thanks to the electrolyte balance being out of whack.

Incidentally, none of this applies to me. My issues with calcium stem from other causes.

Calcium is one of 5 electrolytes that remain balanced relative to one another.  

Throw one off one you throw off all.  

Viitamin D directly affects calcium.

For this reason I believe Vitamin D should be considered the 6th electrolyte.

I’ve written that excess calcium, a metal, causes a variety of EMF Sensitivity issues.

Particularly Sensitivity to GMFs.

To make a long story short I was taking Vitamin D, drinking wine instead of champagne, and getting plenty of UV exposure.  Why does this matter?  Each one puts calcium into the body’s system.

Like piling snow in a parking lot filled with mountains of it.

My system couldn’t keep up with the load because I’d switched from champagne which is key to dealing with calcium toxicity so I ended up with a very uncomfortable situation.

Psi Is Off

I did not have Sensitivity to tech or any of the other typical Pillars.

Per se.

I experienced a very wild psi phenomenon where I had a weird sensation similar to vertigo follwed immediately by a premonition.

Vignettes of information pertinent to me, they always came true within days.

As I wound my way through the trial and error of troubleshooting I learned some pretty interesting tidbits about what affects the Esoteric Pillar of EMF Sensitivity.


I will be putting that information into the upcoming Psi App.  For now I’d like to leave readers and visitors with a word of warning.  Consider how the foods, beverages, and supplements (if not medications) in your life may all be doing a version of the same thing.

Too much can be harmful!

Be well!


Boy has it been a busy day.

I’m happy to say!  I feel so much better when I feel productive.

  • I’ve been hard at work on Compass Rose, follow up to Adrift.

I anticipate it being for sale by or before December 1, 2022.

 I will, however, have a landing page up in the near future.

  • I got good news on my desire to have various EMF books available in print.

Details available soon.

  • I stumbled on a way to loosen a few stubborn blocks, albeit while trying to address a different issue!

It all started when…

I wrote that I advised a friend dealing with a few frustrations to go back through his history and see if there are any tools or strategies he can use to help him with the present situation.

I’d done the same for myself by reintroducing meditation and visualization techniques I used with great success many moons ago.

Just as on that previous occasion, engaging with the tools led me to a helpful book which led to more benefits.  

The meditation alone led to an uptick in my energy.

Even prior to utilizing the technique in the book I was back to walking.

Because of all the energy and uplifted vibes I gained from reintroducing the meditating and visualization techniques.

The blocks tumble.

I was halfway through my second consecutive walk when it occured to me how my writing got gummed up.  I’d quit walking!

I’ve been a regular walker most of my life, only stopping recently when I ran out of energy due to – well – I’ve written on that subject too. Other people’s baggage needed to go and it’s a laborious energy intensive process.

As I walked along I considered just how many of my writing ideas were hatched while on a walk.

  • On snowy days in Kensington Metro Park
  • On rainy days through the streets of San Francisco
  • On scorching East Bay trails in triple digit temperatures
  • On icy windy days in snowy Colorado
  • In triple digit Scottsdale temperatures
  • All over downtown San Diego, rain or shine or heat

Or sewer smell blowing in from the Salton Sea.

Then it stopped.

I’d moved to the PNW which is rather ironic given it’s an outdoorsmen’s paradise.

Lots of trails and plenty of sidewalks.

The trouble with getting out of a good habit is that it can be extremely difficult to get back into.  Especially if you aren’t really seeing any detriment from quitting.

I’m very active and always running up and down stairs so I wasn’t gaining weight or falling out of shape.

What was happening was that I’d lost a valuable tool for creativity.

Substitutes can only go so far.

Before I even finished the walk the writing juices were stirring.

Waking up but not quite there yet.

 Keeping Up Momentum

I knew just walking wasn’t going to fix everything.

I was and still am recovering from digging through that basket.

I tapped the new scripting technique to keep walking front and center.

Then had to take a break to get better tennis shoes!

Even that small break – waiting for them to arrive – had an impact.

Luckily for me the writing I did get in before the short break, combined with the new scripting efforts was enough to put fuel on that creative fire.

It’s as if a curtain was pulled back to let in the creative sun!

It Isn’t Just Writing

I have a long history of gaining benefit from walking.

All those years ago when I stumbled on Celestial 911, followed by Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization Workbook, I spent several winter nights walking.  The solutions that came from those walks turned my life around.

I advise people to walk when they can even if it’s a short walk.

Who knows where it might lead?


I wanted to let readers and visitors know I’ve updated the Remedy Sections for the following books

I’d amended/updated the section for Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity so I replaced the older sections in the other books with the one in the Appendix of Under Siege.

I did not remove any remedies, just added a few and included supplemental information such as how and why the remedies work since I’ve learned so much since releasing the earlier material.

Speaking of Books

After almost a year immersed in nonfiction material I am working my way back into fiction.

I am learning to balance my passion for each of the genres.

I plan to release Compass Rose, follow up to Adrift and Daemon, a Dragon Core book in the coming months.

I have other material planned and will update as appropriate.

Stay tuned.


“The simplest solution is almost always the best.” – William of Ockham

Note:  Long

I had the good fortune to see Roger Waters last night.

I love going to high-tech concerts because it’s a testimony to overcoming my EMF Sensitivity.

At one point while trying to ignore some of the more interesting characters sitting behind me I let my mind drift, the music in the background, and thought of the latest Eureka moment.

Eureka!  Eureka!  I have found it!” -Archemedes

I purposely use these historical illustrations to show our ancestors had a clue.  

For instance

Remember the maxim “We are what we eat?”  My god it’s true!

The journey through the hell of suffering EMF Sensitivity

Actually, the journey through the hell of the nutritional cure

Taught me more about the effects of the foods and beverages we consume than I ever thought to know.

Holistic healing was background noise while I focused on tech.  The decision to formalize my education came later and the timing couldn’t have been better.

In the article posted yesterday I barely scratched the surface of the understanding of the effect of various foods/beverages on life experiences.  I also didn’t do justice to how far I’ve come because I focused on those effects for the past 7 years.

  • I am no longer EMF Sensitive

Detoxification and nutritional balancing with a focus on electrolytes is imperative and non-negotiable.

  • I have been free of the RA I was diagnosed with for 27 years

I do not classify symptoms as disease but as the body out of balance.  Nutritional balancing heals the body, pure and simple.

  • I feel healthier than I did in my late 20s – mid 30s 

By then I had been exposed to the toxins that did me in.

I no longer need to follow the champagne protocol.

  • All food sensitivities caused by environmental poisoning have been resolved and I can again eat or drink anything I want without negative repercussions.

The way my life was before I moved to Silicon Valley.

  • I am able to go back to the low-carb lifestyle suggested to me by my doctor decades ago.

Complete with merlot to make it less restrictive and no longer coming across as a punishment.

Note:  While inundated with the toxins behind EMF Sensitiity, I was unable to do a low-carb diet.

It’s as if I turned back time though I certainly know better.  Decades of experience and adversity have forever changed me.

Which would be bad if I had the wisdom but not the health to take advantage of it.

To Know is Not To Tell (Everything)

For as much as I’ve learned and as passionately as I believe what I learned will help others, I know not to cross certain loosely defined boundaries.

Set by those who want to be cured but who’d rather have the pill to make the symptoms stop than travel the incredibly long difficult road to deal with the underlying cause.

The major losers in the information getting out there.  No.  No.  The mjajor losers in people putting the information to work for them!

Pharmaceutical companies!

And sunglass companies and make-up companies and any other industry that created products to mask symptoms related to nutritional imbalance.

When I Say Long

The path I took is comprehensive but challenging and not for the feint of heart and it isn’t for everyone.  And the rewards are subjective.

The Aliens?

Oh, is that what you thought I meant by X-File ending?  Sorry, the only thing from outer space in this section is the star that warms our planet.

And slams it with magnetic frequencies.

Thanks to an unusual lineup of the stars (pun intended) I came to realize last night that I am indeed impacted by the solar cycle and while I’ll be writing more on that in the near future, the understanding slammed into me because of an X-Files episode.

I was watching the stage thinking over the absence of any negative energy – how wonderful it was – when a scene from one of the later X-Files episodes flashed before my eyes.

The episode had to do with people doing crime – seemingly at random – when in truth it was tied to a strange X-Files phenomenon.  At the end of the episode numbers flash on an elevator panel signaling it was done.

The nightmare is over.

In that moment I understood the reason I feel so good, while a combination of factors were involved, is because the earth’s tilt away from the sun as we move toward my favorite season means I’m free from the weird psi situation I’d found myself in since the Summer Solstice.

I don’t have all the pieces.  It only started last year and if I have my way, will never repeat.

The road to the EMF Sensitivity cure is rough but worth it not only because at the end you are cured but because the challenges of going through detoxification are nothing compared to the hell of living with the toxins in your cells.

Be well!

Football Note:  I’ve seen a lot of dissing of the SF 49ers QB in the headlines.  I’m not a follower of the NFL in general though I’m a perennial Lions fan – but – I wonder if fans who want the team to win understand how damaging their negative thoughts about this kid are?  The angry fans are just about guaranteeing they will lose because they are piling all their negativity on a guy who shows up for work everyday with the intent of doing well and winning. Trust me, he feels it.

Food for Thought!


There’s nothing like experience to teach.

Note: Long.

While earning my doctorate I took a class in vibrational medicine, the text book written by Dr. Gerber, grad of Wayne State School of Medicine.  Though I found it interesting and much of it backed up what the British ENT surgeon who began my education in holistic medicine taught me, I didn’t think much past using Bach flower remedies and homeopathy.

As I write in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, while my body was inundated with heavy metals and other toxins I was exposed to while living in the SF Bay area, vibrational medicines such as those mentioned above did not work.  It wasn’t until I moved away from geologic EMFs and began early stages of nutritional rebalancing that they were again effective.

15 Years Later

I was working my way through the later stages of EMF Sensitivity’s nutritional cure when the somewhat esoteric nature of vibrational frequencies as medicine came to play, via another esoteric EMF.


Tired of champagne which was a critical part of recovering from heavy metal poisoning, I switched for a time to red wine.

Pinot noir.

As I write in Destination Unknown: Explorations of the Paranormal, I was often joined while sitting on the front deck steps by the ghosts of former rock guitarists who were hanging out with us.

ET invited one who invited one and the next thing I knew I had what Aaron calls “The Crew.”

ET pointed to the wine glass and said, “You gotta be careful with drinking red wine.  It will draw lower spirits to you.”

Here’s the thing.  I’m not a big believer in that kind of talk.

Or thinking.  

It may seem to some like splitting hairs but as I knew he was talking about vibrations and the law of attraction, I wasn’t convinced.  As fate would have it, it caused me to retain calcium which is one of the things I was working so hard to detox from, so I had to quit and go back to champagne.

Calcium absorption is just one of the many benefits of champagne – and tequila – in recovering from calcium toxicity.*IV


Well on my way to what I consider a normal life and tired of only drinking champagne, I again switched to red wine.

I did not drink champagne with every meal, just dinner. I drank espresso and water but no juice and no soda.

The wine was pinot noir.

Naturally, ET’s warning circled through the pia mater – briefly.  

I just wasn’t cool with the words “lower spirits.”

By March, 2022 I was trying to pick my life up from the disastrous chaos it careened into.  The worst part?  I had no idea what the hell hit me!  I eventually traced it back to an October 2021 phone call.

Someone dumping a sh*tload of drama – none of which was mine – so “they” didn’t have to deal with it.

Badly stressed, I skipped the champagne and stuck with the red. It isn’t that it led to bad behavior. It drew lower spirits!

The kind wearing the fancy skin and bones costume!

Being around the lower energies in human form was the equivlanet to sticking my finger in a light socket.

Awful and traumatic.**

Believing this information absolutely critical to include in Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing with EMF Sensitivity, I nonetheless struggled with how to explain.

Shellshocked from how badly I was harmed by those lower energies, I was too vulnerable to utter the words, truth though they were.

I couldn’t even bring myself to talk with Aaron about it.

Every time I even thought about it I got sick to my stomach.

Autumn 2022.

Months of introspection and reflection led me to consider trying a different red wine.

To see what happened when I did, what might be different.

Some might think me glutton for punishment but seriously, how else was I going to learn whether it was all red wines or just that one? I decided on one I used to drink long ago.


The results were, to say the least, interesting.  If you can believe, from day one, the merlot drew energy from the years during which I regularly drank merlot!  

I hadn’t had merlot in years, having switched to pinot noir then chianti then malbec then back to pinot.  Cabs, unfortunately, give me nasty headaches.

I remember thinking it interesting I was suddenly in touch with someone from when I drank merlot more frequently in one week than in the previous five years.*V

  Another fun one?  

Related to a different vibrational frequency.

I was listening to music from that era!

I’m not talking about listening to the 80s which I love to listen to when I’m not listening to heavy metal. I’m talking about artists and albums I listened to at a specific point in time; one that syncs with years when I drank merlot in social settings.

Note:  This was more or less before Aaron who turned me on to craft beers.

While I didn’t mind taking a trip down music memory lane, there was a problem. I associate those tunes with some of the most stressful times of my life.  

Time. Another vibrational bit of joy.

By the third day spent listening to the music I knew something needed to be done.

The music was reminding me of people and events I really would rather not think about.

Not So Fast.

At the same time I was getting amazing health benefits from the merlot.  

Definitely helping with the gum health though the b12 supplement is also contributing to that big time.

Deciding it was worth researching ways to compensate for the frequency – tune the dial – I channeled some of the health benefits to not only be front and center but to attract other positive frequencies.

Let the Mind Do the Walking

One of the benefits of the merlot was that my mind was not nearly as racy.

I am a big-time mental multitasker so this was a nice “bennie.”

I had more energy so I began to walk and in walking found solutions to a number of issues that had been outstanding for months, including what the hell happened to crash my ship on the proverbial rocks!

I Know That Face!

I was able to – after literally decades – recoup parts of myself pushed to the wayside in the name of survival.

From other people’s drama if not shenanigans.

Caveat Emptor!

I am not so naive as to think that in merlot I have the ultimate answer.  The body’s chemistry is an ever changing beautiful thing that needs to be acknowledged and dealt with.  At the same time I am taking advantage of the time I have to reset the parts of me that need it and tune out ambient noise that would interfere with my life’s journey.

Would I have been able to do the same with pinot noir?  No. It’s a different and apparently lower frequency.

For me at least.

I’ll leave readers with a great video example of how alcohol can bring the past to life as vividly as if it were happening at that moment.


**I’m still suffering PTSD from the human energies that left destruction in their wake.

*IV I never took calcium supplements and outgrew drinking milk around the age of 14. The toxicity came from a combination of hard water and location specific factors.

*V After I posted this a friend I hadn’t spoken to in years who has ties to that same era reached out to me. It was wonderful talking with him, which showed me not all associations are one way or another.


Note:  Cross posted on

Listening to Dio’s Holy Diver and chipping away at the list on my whiteboard.  

A list that includes 2 software apps.

EMF App Redesign

Though well -intentioned, the original EMF App needs an overhaul.

It will be more concise and to the point and will include tools and strategies for all 4 pillars of EMF Sensitivity.

  • Geologic
  • Atmospheric
  • Technologic
  • Esoteric


Ahhh, the joys of the paranormal!

I am creating a new app that will be focused on the often entertaining 4th pillar of EMF Sensitivity.

This app will be filled with information that will appeal to those interested in and/or living with the paranormal.

Those who like ghost hunting will find plenty of helpful information here.

Here’s a glimpse of the type of information that will be available in the Psi App.

I did not put this particular tidbit in the Under Siege book, nor has it appeared elsewhere.

Ghostly Introductions.

Er, interactions.

I’ve written fairly extensively on my experience with ghosts, some of whom are family members, others former rock musicians.

Especially guitarists.

In Under Siege I wrote how one I nicknamed Rooster came up with a way to make it so these energies do not drain my adrenals.  

The other musicians went through the steps as did any newcomers, regardless of how long they stayed.

ET did not have to.  

I’m guessing it’s because of this tidbit I’m about to share.

The Aura is a Database

I write in Destinaton Unknown: Explorations of the Paranormal how my first time acting as a psychic medium came in April 2011.

The 7th.

We’d stopped for dinner at Ruby Tuesdays in Utah on our way back to Colorado.

I’d met ET two days prior.

He bumped the bed in our hotel room at the Hard Rock in Vegas to wake me up so we could “talk.”

As I write in Destination Unknown, he asked permission to go with us back to Colorado.

Psi Avalanche!

The experience was a bit overwhelming because the moment Aaron asked a question ET began answering at a speed that was formidable to decipher.

Actually, ET could read him so he began answering before Aaron even finished the question.

At one point I held up my hands to both of them and asked ET to slow down so I could process the answers.  

We went on like this for some time when all of a sudden I had an answer in its entirety without having to process it.

Basically allow my conscious beta mind to absorb the energetic – alpha -answer.

It was as if ET just “dropped”what he wanted me to know into my mind.

It was different then when a ghost or other celestial entity projects an image. I just suddenly knew without having to take time to process. More efficient and much less stressful.

It was ET who figured out to do this and from that moment on my interactions with him which were nacent at that point went much smoother.

I believe this is why ET didn’t have to do the exercise outlined by Rooster.  My adrenal system did not consider him a threat.


Not long after his death, I was talking to a newcomer who’d appeared in my home.

In my office which at that time was a diamagnetic paradise, something I cover in Under Siege.

I recognized him but was relatively unfamiliar with his music.  Because of this I asked if he understood “the rules” set in place for new ghosts.  

None of my deceased relatives who’ve stopped by have pricked the “fight or flee” system, likely beause I knew them.

Rather than comply, he held out his ghostly hand.

And smiled.

He asked if he could shake my hand.

Very politely.

I’ve had ghosts touch me before. The results have been mixed.

If I don’t know them I tend to feel it as a zing like getting an electric shock.

Keeping my eyes on his I reached out my hand.  To my surprise

  • I only felt a bit of static electricity sensation

I wondered if it was because of how far I’d come in dealing with my EMF Sensitivity

  • I witnessed my life in images as it transferred from me to him.

What makes this interesting is there is now evidence our life really does flash before our eyes at times.

Now the hmmm part.

After watching him react physically and rather traumatically

I’ve had a rough life and he absorbed not only the images but the energy of it.

I realized – and confirmed with him – that the auric field – which he’d tapped into – is a type of cosmic database that contains our life story.

I don’t think either of us was prepared for the pain it caused him to energetically “live” the more painful moments of my life.

I asked what motivated him to try such a stunt.  He explained that yes, he was aware of “the rules” set by Rooster but wanted to try a different way.

Lesson Learned

What I deducted based on the two auric interactions experienced years apart is that our auric fields are a database into which information can be added and/or withdrawn via energetic transfer.

Just Takin’ Yer Measure, Missy

It would explain why ghosts seem to feel the need to touch me.

There is more to study but I felt this worth sharing.

As for my research buddy, he was significantly affected.  

He gave me an apologetic smile and told me “I need to go.”

I have not seen him since though something tells me at some point in the future I will.

He seemed, like so many of the others who have crossed my path, to love learning as much as I do.

News on the release of the apps will be forthcoming.

Stay tuned!


Note: Long

Oh how I love a mystery.  Especially a mystery that helps enrich my understanding of the universe.

I quit worrying about enriching my understanding of my place in that universe.  Too woo-woo for me.

For awhile I’ve been challenged by a very strange and difficult to quantify

Uh oh!  Esoteric EMFs!

I don’t even know if I want to call it a problem since it’s tied to my psi.

Which I prefer to have.

Rather than waiting and concluding – since it would take over a year – and rather than reporting bit by bit since it would be misleading, I decided to encapsulate it here as an example of what my EMF life is like.

EMF Aware.

In Under Siege: Tool;s and Strategies for Dealing with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity, I explain there is a difference between EMF Sensitivity and EMF Awareness.  The short definition is that while you are sickened by Sensitivity you are not sickened by Awareness even as you are in touch with various EMFs.

  • Geologic

Ultra-low and very low EM frequencies emitted by fault lines, fissures, and manmade openings associated with oil and gas exploration.

  • Atmospheric

Migraines and other symptoms associated with low-pressure systems.

  • Technologic

EM frequencies that bleed from various appliances and other technology, including and especially wireless frequencies.

  • Esoteric

Ghosts and other so-called supernatural and/or paranormal phenomenon that affect our adrenals – which in turn affect our physiological systems.

Without Further Ado…

Starting at the end of June a year ago – just after Pandemic isolate-at-home was lifted, I began periodically and randomly experiencing a dizzy spell immediately prior to a premonition.

Very random and never while behind the wheel.

It was brief but miserable.

Over the next weeks without warning I had this experience.

Always prior to a premonition that was a feeling/knowing type.

I determined it was related to Vitamin D supplements and the sauvignon blanc I switched to in the summer months.

No proof – just a feeling.

Sure enough, quitting the D – which wasn’t that much since I take minimum to get results – and dropping anything but champagne, which, as I write in Ignoring the Rules: An Intriguing Approach to  Resolving Calcium Toxicity, was key to recovering from heavy metal ipisoning.

Critical actually as it helped me rebuild my nutrition stores.

Everything resolved so I put it behind me.  For a year.

The Longest Day

To my consternation this year, approximately two weeks after school let out, the damn thing came around.

Like the earth around the sun.

Once again I tied it to D and Sauv Blanc.

I took the D throughout the year and though I had not changed my habit – wasn’t going outside more often and living in PNW doesn’t guarantee sun – yet observed it was somehow tied to the same D I’d been taking throughout the year with no problem.

There’s a Paranormal Catch

Of course.  I mean this is my life right?  My Psi Life!

I suffered throughout the summer.

With a Twist.

For fun picture the scene with Bronson Pinchot in Beverly Hills Cop.

Through the course of the summer the dizzy spells became more intense.

As did the premonitions.

In addition to the dizzy feeling I felt a warmth in my stomach.

They continued to be random and always preceded the premonition.


I began to see images of the future in place of feelings and the dizzy spell was replaced over the course of the summer by only experiencing warmth in my stomach.

Which in my case translated to nausea.

Just before they ended last week the feelings were so bad I thought I was going to throw up and the premonitions were movies.

I consistently saw the future before it happened.

The premonitions were nothing dire and they were more specific to my life than the world at large.

The warmth in my stomach that preceded them was far worse to experience.

The D drag.

It was quite the conundrum because I get benefit from Supplemental D.

I was taking 2K/day – went to 1K every other day.

I gave up on the Sauv Blanc since that seemed to make having the damn experience a guarantee.

But – was it the D?  The wine?  Both combined?  Something else?

It was seasonal after all.

Don’t Forget GMFs!

Just to add to all the fun we had a pretty decent size shake, rattle, and roll.

Small by USGS standards but the house had a good middle-of-the-night shake.

For the next several hours (over 24 – 2 nights’ sleep lost) I kept waking up before each and every aftershock.

Total drag.

I also felt seasick for 18 hours after.

Bummer, especially because I’m not one to suffer motion sickness.


As I wrote in Under Siege, the paranormal colors my life.

With plenty of interesting if friendly ghosts.

I was able to rule that out as the issue.

No Tech Here!

I conducted repeated and intense testing of a variety of tech and telecom sources.  Every single test came up negative!

I have not had sensitivity to Tech EMFs since May 2016.

So what the hell is going on?  

Or should I say was…?


I know researchers with IRVA studied the effect of solar energies on Psi but other than loving sunny days I’ve not really noticed a negative effect on my health related to the seasons.

I do not have SADD – never did.

In point of fact I do not believe the need for Vitamin D has anything to do with where I moved.  I am so confident in this that I did research and – as I thought – confirmed Vitamin D deficiency exists in places that have plenty of sun throughout the year.

When I have spare cycles I’m going to try to figure out the root cause of that – and find a nutritional fix that is better than “eat foods enriched with Vitamin Dsince it isn’t that simple.

They stopped at the end of summer last year and didn’t resume until 2 weeks after school let out this year.

Summer or school? Both? Neither?

Factor X

Not convinced it was solar energy related, I nonetheless held back on conclusions and continued to try various tweaks throughout July and August to see what made it better, what made it worse.

Including switching brands of vitamin D and the addition of Vitamin B12 which stops the phenomenon in its tracks, introducing yet another piece of the puzzle.

And just to add to the mystery, beginning 1 1/2 weeks before school resumed I started to feel significantly better.

The episodes dramatically dropped off.

I was winding down the D to see the impact and continued the B12.

And had the occasional had white wine as part of the test.

No dizzy.

Then a dizzy that seemingly had nothing to do with the wine – or anything else – but then two more days without one.

And beginning the Sunday before school started – nothing.

Gone for Good?

I could wait another year to see if it happens again but that would be naive because it assumes it’s related to a season.

When it could have to do with the fact school let out and there was some sort of change that took two weeks to catch up with me.

Not In The Home Or The Routine

Naturally, when it started up again this year at the same time, I looked first at what I might be doing differently. Other than switching to white wine I was doing nothing differently.

Nor was anyone else in the house.

The Wine Silly!

I switched from sauv blanc to chardonnay and noticed no dizzy spells.

However, other factors later ruled out sauv blanc as the ultimate/only culprit.

Inside Outside?

I ruled out changes in my family associated with summer.

No summer blues in this house!

I live around a bunch of retirees with grown kids so they aren’t doing anything differently because of school letting out.

Tourist Hell

It’s incredible how some people behave when they are vacationing in a location that is home for people.

I once watched a bus full of tourists get out in Queen Anne and start snapping photos of houses that had families living in them as if they were the Statue of David in Florence.

I wrote in Under Siege how I am affected by the energy of humans and since I’ve lived in areas that draw tourists for the last 22 years there is an argument for this energy to have an impact.

Like I said, Factor X.

It’s evident I’m dealing with a variety of factors and therefore need more data before coming to any conclusions.

At least I’m not suffering the damn dizzy spells anymore.

There’s more to it but this is a taste of what it’s like to be Psi and EMF Aware.

As Church Lady said, “Isn’t that special?”

Be well and stay tuned!

More to come at some point.

Next summer?

Perish the thought!

Post Note: I forgot to mention if I take a potassium supplement – which was necessary because the Vitamin D supplement pushed my levels down – I am guaranteed to have the episode. So – no potassium supplement for me.

I’ve written I have a love/hate relationship with potassium. It’s the EMF mineral big time but if you can’t take supplements – which I haven’t been able to – and you are sensitive to potassium rich foods which I was – life is fun. Not!


Note: This post will be updated in the days and weeks to come.

It’s been both relief and annoyance to conclude oddities experienced recently are the result of GMFs.  

I was pretty certain it wasn’t technology related EMFs but I didn’t rule it out.  I tested it!


I understand not everyone has the same experience and I do understand sensitivity to technology – and network technology in particular.  

And how miserable it is when it’s happening.


Years of research as well as results from curing the condition allow me to state with confidence

Blaming cell towers – regardless of the network protocol they ferry – is like blaming the oak tree because you are allergic.

Even as I was relatively confident – based on years’ long intense research – that 5G wasn’t the culprit of the new weird symptoms I still had to test it.  

When it comes to EMF Sensitivity, I take nothing for granted.  Ever.

EMF Sensitivity is devastating 

I never want to go through anything like that again!

Personal experience fueled the EMF Sensitivity books I’ve written, as well as continued research.  

All independently done and self-financed.

It’s also what is driving this next step.

A holistic healer, I am passionate about helping others.

Testing! Testing!

As expected and thank God I was able to rule out 5G as the culprit which left me with the infamous quote by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

Truth yes but bitter just the same.

Fault Lines.


For those interested in my wild relationship with the earth’s geology, including my ability to sense earthquakes before they happen I suggest the following

Thanks to hard work I’ve made incredible strides in addressing debilitating physical symptoms when exposed to the ultra-low and very low EM frequencies emitted via openings in the earth.

Not Just Faultines!

As I’ve written, and lived, manmade openings such as those associated with oil and gas exploration also enable these frequencies to get above the earth’s surface where they impact people sensitive to them.

As do openings such as fissures created by land subsidence.

It is because of progress I wasn’t looking at GMFs as being responsible for some really odd symptoms.

I will get to those in a moment.

At the same time I did not rule it out.  There were just a few problems.

I live on soil over rock.

I do not live on a fault.

I have not, before recently, had anything close to what was going on.  To add complexity – story of my EMF Sensitivity life – I’d never had these particular symptoms before.

Of course.

In Progress.

The situation is evolving for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is years of living with this crap have made it so I can turn on a dime when it comes to testing various options.


After a bit of contemplation regarding how to go forward with [read share] this evolving situation and any breakthru’s associated with it

  • I do not want to go back to the energy draining [posting on] situation I got myself into before
  • I do not want to write an entire book for one situation

I am going to update this particular entry.

I do not want to send out an alert every time I learn something new so I will simply edit this post, being sure to put a date on an entry so readers and visitors will know it’s more or less the latest.

With that in mind I will start by explaining the weird symptoms and any steps taken to resolve.


  • Weird dizzy feeling that precluded a premonition.

Explanation for the relationship will be forthcoming.

  • Nausea and warmth in my spine.

Associated with premonitions but again, explanations will be forthcoming.

  • Intense knowing something outside of my biochemistry was setting something off.

See above – forthcoming.

On That Note.

Sensing something is off.

When first sickened after relcoating to the SF Bay Area? Total denial from others.

I lost count of the times someone close to me tried to tell me nothing was wrong.  

To make matters worse, every medical test came back normal, suggesting nothing was wrong.

I knew something was wrong!

Stick To Your Guns!

When it comes to how you feel – you know best.

Do not let anyone talk you out of EMF Sensitivity. It’s real and it’s miserable!

It’s also treatable and curable.

I can only suggest that if you feel it in your bones something is off you need to follow it down til you figure it out.

Peanut Gallery comments, no matter how well-intentioned, need to be brushed aside!

I’m not a hypochondriac and I despise Disease Du Jour mentality.  If it’s on The World of EMF?  It’s real.

As are the solutions I’ve discovered.

Without Further Ado

9/09/22:  Having determined annoying symptoms have roots in geologic frequencies I will narrow my focus to the following observations

Which are working beautifully, thank God.

  • Vitamin B12 appears to stabilize the situation by eliminating the physical symptom of dizzy spell prior to premonition.

Which begs the question of whether GMFs induce premonitions, a theory long held by Michael Persinger.

  • Dimagnetic materials finish off remaining GMF symptoms.

This is new and requires I update Under Siege: Tools and Strategies to Deal with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity.

Please note that this is supplemental.  The heavy lifting curing my EMF Sensitivity happened years ago via heavy metal/toxin/environmental poison detoxification and nutritional balancing over a period of 2 1/2 years.


As I was publishing Under Siege:  Tools and Strategies for Dealing with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity I considered how my sensitivity to GMFs has morphed from being sickened in the hours and days before a quake and feeling/sensing death every time I was near a fault line to a bit of unease around a fault line and no illness prior to quakes.

Thanks to the focus on detoxifying the heavy metals, especially calcium which is not just a mineral and electrolyte but a metal.

I also pondered my relationship to quakes in general.  I could still sense them before they happened, though after relocating to the Pacific Northwest and going through the nutritional balancing, the nature of that sensing changed dramatically.

The ringing I got in my ear prior to a quake switched from left ear to right.  The distance from the epicenter increased but time before it hit decreased.

I wrote in the section on GMFs that if the quake hits at night I wake out of a sound sleep knowing it is iminent.  However, as I typed that into the book I considered that hadn’t happened in years. 

I Still Got It.

Shortly after 1 this morning I woke out of a sound sleep and while I did not have a conscious thought we were about to have an earthquake, I did something rather interesting.  I moved a candle on the nightstand further from the edge thinking “That way it won’t fall off in an earthquake.”


For several seconds I stared bleary-eyed at the candle thinking “Earthquake?  Did I really just do that?”

It made no sense to me.

I lay down and began the Silva countdown that kicks off my meditation/relax routine.

I wanted to get back to sleep but my mind was racy for some reason though not on any particular subject.

Within seconds the house and the bed began to shake in a scissor-type motion.


Obviously, my sensitivity to impending quakes is spot on though it has changed a bit.

I woke up less than a minute before it hit and unconsciously knew what was about to happen but it wasn’t like in the past where I came straight awake and said “We’re having a quake” seconds before it hit.  Small change but a change nonetheless.

Vitamin B12.

I wrote recently that due to taking my foot off the nutritional gas pedal I felt mild to moderate symptoms around a fixture with a CFL bulb in it.  By chance I discovered that taking Vitamin B12 drops helped me rebalance the nutrition more quickly.  Specifically, it seemed to offset the potassium deficiency supplemental Vitamin D was causing.

It’s one of those caught between a rock and a hard place.  I need the D but it depletes potassium which is the EMF Sensitivity mineral/electrolyte. 

 It’s critical to maintain electrolyte balance if you wish to be free of EMF Sensitivity.

I’m still gathering data about B12’s impact and in light of the earthquake need to give my body time to reset.

I’m still kind of nauseated and though they are small, my ear starts ringing when we are about to have an aftershock.

I will be most curious how taking a dose of B12 may help accelerate the reset.

I need to take on a full stomach and I’m not a breakfast person so I’ll be updating this post later, after lunch.

Stay tuned.

Note: I’m not sure it is related but several hours earlier the neighbor’s dog who rarely – and I mean rarely – barks – was barking like crazy for the longest time.

So much that I was about to go check on my neighbors – as they are older – when the barking stopped.

My guess is the P-waves were hurting his ears.

Update One: Lunch did not help but B12 dose did – somewhat. I added a unique remedy I mention in the book Under Siege and it appears to have completely eliminated the rest which unfortunately, at this point, brings more questions than answers. I will be updating in the future.


I often think about the next day’s writing project before going to sleep.

After saying prayers of thanks and other meditations.

On the tail of the prayers and meditation last night I mentally reviewed the post about manifesting I planned to write this morning.  

Which is not this one.

Glancing toward the window I considered the time of night and how the stars were aligned. 

And the Aurora Borealis I read about which explained why the clouds were such a cool color.

I thought briefly about a chapter in the Intention Experiments that mentioned researchers had the best results when attempting to manifest at 1 am sidereal time.

Here is a sidereal time converter.

After deciding I wasn’t up for a middle-of-the-night manifesting session I turned my attention to the Port Gallatan novel I’m working on, which made me smile.  

A good way to drift off to la a land.

Not sure if that put me in a specific state of mind for problem solving – being in a good mood like that – but I woke up with a cool manifesting idea I’m eager to try.

One that may increase the chance for success.

It’s no mystery this idea popped up immediately upon waking given what was on my mind before sleeping.

The effect of seasonal and daily time on manifesting efforts.

What is interesting is that I wasn’t thinking about anything.

The idea immediately popped into my mind upon waking, before I even opened my eyes.

EMFs affect manifesting.

What the authors call intentions.

The book goes on to detail a number of experiments in which researchers evaluated the effects of a number of variables on manifesting their intentions, including EMFs.

They noted better results when EMFs were blocked.

I myself have observed this in terms of prayers.  Whenever I’ve lit a candle and said an accompanying prayer at Grace Cathedral the prayer has been answered. 

For the entirety of the years I lived in the Bay Area.

 I have not had that success rate – 100% – before or after.  

It’s been years since I’ve visited San Franciso but every time I do I stop in at Grace.

I determined based on a number of factors related to my EMF research that Grace is constructed in such a way – including where it’s located – as to be the perfect EM shielding location.

That people come together for prayer – another factor covered in the Intention Experiments – definitely doesn’t hurt.

It was observed that building up the energy of a specific location for the purpose of manifesting was helpful.

The Idea

The book mentions a box constructed for the purpose of shielding intentions from EMFs.  

And how this increased the success rate.

Not having access to the box means I have no idea what materials were used in its construction.  However, years of having to find and use materials to shield myself from harmful EMFs mean I have a few with which to test my idea.

I’m sharing so readers can try this too!

Write down an intention (a goal to manifest) then shield it and see what happens.  

This is pretty ad hoc so keep this in mind. At the same time, it is important to be sincere in your efforts.

Skepticism will definitely work against you.

The quick and easy way I believe would be to write your goal – what you want to manifest – on a piece of paper and sandwich it between a couple sheets of aluminum foil.

Put it in a drawer or somewhere out of the way where it won’t get tossed by accident.

Another possibility would be to write the goal on paper and put it under a magnetic material such as hematite.

Again, put it out of sight.

The prevailing philosophy is that goals be kept from prying eyes lest the energy be dissipated.

You would not want anyone’s skepticism or any other negative energy to taint your dream.

There are a number of options to try.

Copper, silver, and other metals are good materials whereas stainless steel is not ideal.

An additional benefit to putting the intention out of sight is that it may increase the chance you let go of the outcome.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Obviously, this is a subjective test because only an individual will know when and how their goal has manifested.  And since you cannot use the same intention with different shielding materials since you won’t know which worked, it is difficult to have a control.  However, it would be interesting to try simply writing down a goal and sticking it in a drawer to see what happens. Prevailing theory is that it still has a good chance of manifesting though some, such as the author of It Works say it’s important to look at the list of goals daily.

Jose Silva suggests with the Mirror of the Mind technique you need to think on the goal – already attained – multiple times a day.

I’m going to approach this test very casually.  I’ll start with small things and work from there.

I may also try for one big one and try to forget about it by putting it away somewhere.  

Shielded, of course.


I was in the liquid think tank (shower) when I remembered the impact of GMFs on manifesting. If you live on or near a fault line you need to consider materials that block GMFs. As I write in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, every time I tried to manifest something after relocating to the East Bay I got the exact opposite of what I was trying to manifest.

It got so bad I quit trying for years.

After moving to Fort Collins, selected because it’s the least geologically active part of the country, my manifesting efforts took off.

I write about materials for dealing with GMFs in Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing With the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity.

Incidentally, Grace Cathedral is on what is called the Bay Block so GMFs are not a factor.