Elizabeth Maxim

Bite Sized Pieces is a collection of short stories, some of which are tied to one of my book series.

Metatron’s Army, Ghost Games.

Others will simply be standalone tales.

My Definition

  • Short Story = 40,000 words or less
  • Full-length  = 60,000 words or more

The idea to publish short stories came from a desire to help people get their mind off the chaos of what’s happening and as a way introduce readers to new material.

Beacon and Rainmaker introduce readers to Ghost Games while Karma introduces them to a new subseries, Metatron’s Army Chronicles.

The first three short stories are available at no cost and while future short stories will not be no cost, they will be priced lower than my full-length work.

I know how much reading fiction has taken my mind off challenging events throughout the years.  I hope my work will do the same for others.

I hope offering lower cost options helps people during these challenging times.