Elizabeth Maxim

Bite Sized Pieces is a collection of short stories, some of which are tied to one of my book series.

Metatron’s Army, Ghost Games. Dragon Core.

Others will simply be standalone tales.

My Definition

  • Short Story = 40,000 words or less
  • Full-length  = 50,000 words or more

The idea to publish short stories came from a desire to help people get their mind off the chaos of what’s happening and as a way introduce readers to new material.

Beacon and Rainmaker introduce readers to Ghost Games while Karma introduces them to a new subseries, Metatron’s Army Chronicles. Redemption will introduce readers to a new aspect of the Dragon Core Universe.

The first three short stories are available at no/low cost and while future short stories will not be no cost, they will be priced lower than my full-length work.

I know how much reading fiction has taken my mind off challenging events throughout the years.  I hope my work will do the same for others.

I hope offering lower cost options helps people during these challenging times.