This post wasn’t what I was planning to write today.

When I went to bed last night I left my “trail of breadcrumbs” note to do a blog on an aspect of manifesting.

As I went through my morning routine which includes a bit of writing, I came to see that there was something a bit more important to put out.

I believe information that affects physical wellness takes priority.

For the past year or so I’d been struggling with a variety of issues, some to do with Factor X** others just mysterious symptoms that came and went at random.  I believe I have enough of a handle on it all to share what I’ve learned.

I write in Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing with the Pillars or EMF Sensitivity, and Destination Unknown: Explorations of the Paranormal, that I’ve determined the same part of the brain that lights up for what I call psi does so when doing a creative activity, such as writing.  

Michael Persinger did some interesting research into the part of the brain that activates during spiritual experiences and while I do not agree with all of his conclusions I have seen some of what he observed outside the lab environment.

You can imagine what happens if that part of the brain never shuts off.

Insult to Psi Injury

In Under Siege I wrote how what I call Psi Avalanche drove me to take a break from certain genres.

EMF Sensitivity and the associated nonfiction.

I also wrote it was during this break, when my focus was solely on fiction, I found myself inundated by non-tech EMFs.

Geologic, Atmospheric, Esoteric.

I circled back around to share what I learned but by the time I published Under Siege I was again in avalanche territory.  


Forewarned is – in Theory – Forearmed.

Given I’d gone into the project intent on avoiding a repeat, it wasn’t exactly the same.  That isn’t to say I wasn’t negatively impacted.

Worn out.

I now see it’s because that part of the brain that manages both creativity and psi functioning never got a break.

Now What?

Experience taught me there were steps I could take to move things back to balance land.

Electrolytes through plenty of fluids.

I recently discovered taking b12 drops goes far to help resolve symptoms associated with pure mental exhaustion.

Writing to take my mind off the situation, which is normal for me, was actually making things worse.

Adding a daily walk or two definitely helped as did drinking more water.

I decided to share this at this time to serve as a reminder to readers that everyone has a sense of spirituality and everyone has activities in which they employ the creative spirit that lives within.  Given how events of recent years forced all of us to be creative, it’s no wonder so many people are burning out.

They are not giving themselves the tools, including breaks, that would go far in lowering stress.

Taking a break doesn’t necessarily mean you go on vacation or you stop your job.  In regards to creativity it means finding ways to do more mundane tasks.  

I do laundry or other mindless chores.

In my case, I have a bit of an extra burden.

Turn off the Psi!

Being psychic is like breathing.

It’s not a profession so much as it is who I am.

That I love writing and do it pretty much daily means that part of the brain is “on” all the time.


Something had to give and while I have shifted some of my writing work around, I’m not so naive as to think I can just not write for days.

My mind is always going, thinking, analyzing. I would build up more stress trying to force this than finding a way to write “something” that won’t harm overused muscles.

Which left the other half of that noise.

Turn It Down!

I wasn’t even certain it was possible.  I knew I could shoo any ghosts that might be a drain on my energy but what about the premonitions?  The psychic knowing?  The physical symptoms wearing me out meant I had to try.

Note:  After I finished Under Siege, the ghosts in my life – who’d helped me with the material – vamoosed.

Turns out simply making the decision to stop the psi goes far.  Why?  I suspect it’s because I turned my focus away from it.

Tuning the dial!

I backed up intention with small actions and tweaks including swapping upcoming projects.

Projects unannounced.

I don’t know that I can take the kind of break most people associate with work breaks because my work is atypical. I generally work 7 days a week because I enjoy writing and it never occurred to try to turn Psi down or off because it has been a tool to help steer through some of life’s thornier patches.

Probably how I got to mental exhaustion land.

What helped me put this into context and guided me to an approach was recalling an interview in Success Magazine I listened to about ten years ago. The gentleman interviewed was a talent agent.  His advice was for those  who work in nontraditional fields/jobs. He emphasized the importance of honoring their unique rhythms, obeying rules that fit a nontraditional life. 

As in there are no rules.

He went on to explain that in his work dealing with creatives – mostly actors – it was common to see a schedule where they spend 9 or 10 months on a project then take 3 months off.

As opposed to the alloted 2 weeks many 9 to 5ers lived with for decades.

He felt it important to let people in creative and/or nontraditional careers know they should not try to force fit themselves into the traditional world.  

They need to honor their unique rhythms.

Not only is this true, it’s critical information I’ve turned to again and again over the years for the simple reason that my life is anything but traditional.

It never has been.

Underneath that is the fact this man gave me permission to do so.

By acknowledging the importance.

Which begs the question why I needed it.

Aaron certainly didn’t care and my kids have never known anything else but a mom who is a writer and holistic doctor.

Being different, as many readers know, creates its own kind of stress.  It can be very difficult to relate to others.

It can be very lonely.

There is the extra layer of living a life outside the norm because you are out of sync with that norm.  

You take your vacations differently and you have different shopping, sleeping, exercising, you-name-it schedules.

Finding ways to honor your needs and take those breaks is difficult because variables involved include the internal rhythm of energy you have to work with, the demands of The Muse, and the challenge of trying to live in harmony with others in your environment whose schedules do not mesh with yours.  I’m not talking about family here because they are likely to understand.  I’m referring to the community you are a part of.

You’re feeling like you’re crawling out of your skin and want to get out but you live in an area where the sidewalks roll up at 8 at night.  Not a good match.

What’s a Creative To Do?

Honor your rhythm!

Warning:  You may get some odd looks from people in your community who witness you dancing to your own rhythmic tune but over time even your creative quirks will be seen as the norm.  

For you.

The Psi Side?

All I did was declare I needed a Psi break and would be taking one. Time will tell if I’m successful in getting the Psi break but so far I feel better and more rested than even 3 days ago.

I think tuning the dial – aka changing the perspective – did the trick.***

 Perspective Is Everything.

In closing I urge people to honor their inner creatives.

Take care of the Muse.

Be well.

**One of the 4 horsemen of EMF Sensitivity.

*** Simply telling myself I don’t want to do the psi right now seemed to be enough to turn down that noise.

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