It’s nice to share something other than the latest EMF news.

I mentioned in the previou post I’m easing my way back into my other passion, fiction.

EMF Sensitivity isn’t a passion.  Research that helps me understand how the universe works is.

The 1st Step to Solving an Issue is to Understand the Root of It.

The same technique I used for dealing with EMF Sensitivity was put to use in solving a fiction issue.  I’d more or less landed in a trap of my own making.  

Series or Single Title

When I wrote my first fiction work, Kerry’s Game, I knew it would be part of a series.

The Psi Adventure Series.

I soon found even books intended to be single titles wound up as part of a series because of what I’m calling the Love Trap.  

I fall in love with my supporting characters and envision – all too easily -a story for them!

Good intentions aside this pattern landed me in a bit of a mess because it exacerbated a different challenge.

Where Do I Put This?

From the time I published Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity followed by Kerry’s Game I struggled to put together an organizational plan that included web presence that did justice to all the work I had done and planned to do.  Though it’s still a challenge I think recent tweaks have taken a great deal of pressure off.

I took some of the stories and unhooked them from a series.  This frees me up from trying to integrate a story idea in a way that is false, something that happened with a recent Port Gallatan story.  

I’ve been sitting here thinking how I could rewrite the story I’d been working on as a single title and in so doing, even if it was set in the town of Port Gallatan, would allow the energy to flow more naturally.

I’m planning to do the same with Ghost Games stories.  I have 3 that would theoretically come under that banner but as the characters were not tied to any other book in that grouping I found myself stymied and unable to proceed.  

Pulling that grouping off the web while keeping the books under the Psi Studio banner solved that issue nicely.

Ironically, it’s the Ghost Games challenge that got me to this point – recognizing the issue.  

I kept trying to make the grouping work as a series and couldn’t.  

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before to just keep them single titles under a broader paranormal banner but I’ll take it now.

I’m really excited about the stories I have planned which will include a reworked version of the one I jettisoned from the PG grouping.  

I may put it back where it started – in West Virginia.

Stay tuned.

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