“The simplest solution is almost always the best.” – William of Ockham

Note:  Long

I had the good fortune to see Roger Waters last night.

I love going to high-tech concerts because it’s a testimony to overcoming my EMF Sensitivity.

At one point while trying to ignore some of the more interesting characters sitting behind me I let my mind drift, the music in the background, and thought of the latest Eureka moment.

Eureka!  Eureka!  I have found it!” -Archemedes

I purposely use these historical illustrations to show our ancestors had a clue.  

For instance

Remember the maxim “We are what we eat?”  My god it’s true!

The journey through the hell of suffering EMF Sensitivity

Actually, the journey through the hell of the nutritional cure

Taught me more about the effects of the foods and beverages we consume than I ever thought to know.

Holistic healing was background noise while I focused on tech.  The decision to formalize my education came later and the timing couldn’t have been better.

In the article posted yesterday I barely scratched the surface of the understanding of the effect of various foods/beverages on life experiences.  I also didn’t do justice to how far I’ve come because I focused on those effects for the past 7 years.

  • I am no longer EMF Sensitive

Detoxification and nutritional balancing with a focus on electrolytes is imperative and non-negotiable.

  • I have been free of the RA I was diagnosed with for 27 years

I do not classify symptoms as disease but as the body out of balance.  Nutritional balancing heals the body, pure and simple.

  • I feel healthier than I did in my late 20s – mid 30s 

By then I had been exposed to the toxins that did me in.

I no longer need to follow the champagne protocol.

  • All food sensitivities caused by environmental poisoning have been resolved and I can again eat or drink anything I want without negative repercussions.

The way my life was before I moved to Silicon Valley.

  • I am able to go back to the low-carb lifestyle suggested to me by my doctor decades ago.

Complete with merlot to make it less restrictive and no longer coming across as a punishment.

Note:  While inundated with the toxins behind EMF Sensitiity, I was unable to do a low-carb diet.

It’s as if I turned back time though I certainly know better.  Decades of experience and adversity have forever changed me.

Which would be bad if I had the wisdom but not the health to take advantage of it.

To Know is Not To Tell (Everything)

For as much as I’ve learned and as passionately as I believe what I learned will help others, I know not to cross certain loosely defined boundaries.

Set by those who want to be cured but who’d rather have the pill to make the symptoms stop than travel the incredibly long difficult road to deal with the underlying cause.

The major losers in the information getting out there.  No.  No.  The mjajor losers in people putting the information to work for them!

Pharmaceutical companies!

And sunglass companies and make-up companies and any other industry that created products to mask symptoms related to nutritional imbalance.

When I Say Long

The path I took is comprehensive but challenging and not for the feint of heart and it isn’t for everyone.  And the rewards are subjective.

The Aliens?

Oh, is that what you thought I meant by X-File ending?  Sorry, the only thing from outer space in this section is the star that warms our planet.

And slams it with magnetic frequencies.

Thanks to an unusual lineup of the stars (pun intended) I came to realize last night that I am indeed impacted by the solar cycle and while I’ll be writing more on that in the near future, the understanding slammed into me because of an X-Files episode.

I was watching the stage thinking over the absence of any negative energy – how wonderful it was – when a scene from one of the later X-Files episodes flashed before my eyes.

The episode had to do with people doing crime – seemingly at random – when in truth it was tied to a strange X-Files phenomenon.  At the end of the episode numbers flash on an elevator panel signaling it was done.

The nightmare is over.

In that moment I understood the reason I feel so good, while a combination of factors were involved, is because the earth’s tilt away from the sun as we move toward my favorite season means I’m free from the weird psi situation I’d found myself in since the Summer Solstice.

I don’t have all the pieces.  It only started last year and if I have my way, will never repeat.

The road to the EMF Sensitivity cure is rough but worth it not only because at the end you are cured but because the challenges of going through detoxification are nothing compared to the hell of living with the toxins in your cells.

Be well!

Football Note:  I’ve seen a lot of dissing of the SF 49ers QB in the headlines.  I’m not a follower of the NFL in general though I’m a perennial Lions fan – but – I wonder if fans who want the team to win understand how damaging their negative thoughts about this kid are?  The angry fans are just about guaranteeing they will lose because they are piling all their negativity on a guy who shows up for work everyday with the intent of doing well and winning. Trust me, he feels it.

Food for Thought!

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