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Oh how I love a mystery.  Especially a mystery that helps enrich my understanding of the universe.

I quit worrying about enriching my understanding of my place in that universe.  Too woo-woo for me.

For awhile I’ve been challenged by a very strange and difficult to quantify

Uh oh!  Esoteric EMFs!

I don’t even know if I want to call it a problem since it’s tied to my psi.

Which I prefer to have.

Rather than waiting and concluding – since it would take over a year – and rather than reporting bit by bit since it would be misleading, I decided to encapsulate it here as an example of what my EMF life is like.

EMF Aware.

In Under Siege: Tool;s and Strategies for Dealing with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity, I explain there is a difference between EMF Sensitivity and EMF Awareness.  The short definition is that while you are sickened by Sensitivity you are not sickened by Awareness even as you are in touch with various EMFs.

  • Geologic

Ultra-low and very low EM frequencies emitted by fault lines, fissures, and manmade openings associated with oil and gas exploration.

  • Atmospheric

Migraines and other symptoms associated with low-pressure systems.

  • Technologic

EM frequencies that bleed from various appliances and other technology, including and especially wireless frequencies.

  • Esoteric

Ghosts and other so-called supernatural and/or paranormal phenomenon that affect our adrenals – which in turn affect our physiological systems.

Without Further Ado…

Starting at the end of June a year ago – just after Pandemic isolate-at-home was lifted, I began periodically and randomly experiencing a dizzy spell immediately prior to a premonition.

Very random and never while behind the wheel.

It was brief but miserable.

Over the next weeks without warning I had this experience.

Always prior to a premonition that was a feeling/knowing type.

I determined it was related to Vitamin D supplements and the sauvignon blanc I switched to in the summer months.

No proof – just a feeling.

Sure enough, quitting the D – which wasn’t that much since I take minimum to get results – and dropping anything but champagne, which, as I write in Ignoring the Rules: An Intriguing Approach to  Resolving Calcium Toxicity, was key to recovering from heavy metal ipisoning.

Critical actually as it helped me rebuild my nutrition stores.

Everything resolved so I put it behind me.  For a year.

The Longest Day

To my consternation this year, approximately two weeks after school let out, the damn thing came around.

Like the earth around the sun.

Once again I tied it to D and Sauv Blanc.

I took the D throughout the year and though I had not changed my habit – wasn’t going outside more often and living in PNW doesn’t guarantee sun – yet observed it was somehow tied to the same D I’d been taking throughout the year with no problem.

There’s a Paranormal Catch

Of course.  I mean this is my life right?  My Psi Life!

I suffered throughout the summer.

With a Twist.

For fun picture the scene with Bronson Pinchot in Beverly Hills Cop.

Through the course of the summer the dizzy spells became more intense.

As did the premonitions.

In addition to the dizzy feeling I felt a warmth in my stomach.

They continued to be random and always preceded the premonition.


I began to see images of the future in place of feelings and the dizzy spell was replaced over the course of the summer by only experiencing warmth in my stomach.

Which in my case translated to nausea.

Just before they ended last week the feelings were so bad I thought I was going to throw up and the premonitions were movies.

I consistently saw the future before it happened.

The premonitions were nothing dire and they were more specific to my life than the world at large.

The warmth in my stomach that preceded them was far worse to experience.

The D drag.

It was quite the conundrum because I get benefit from Supplemental D.

I was taking 2K/day – went to 1K every other day.

I gave up on the Sauv Blanc since that seemed to make having the damn experience a guarantee.

But – was it the D?  The wine?  Both combined?  Something else?

It was seasonal after all.

Don’t Forget GMFs!

Just to add to all the fun we had a pretty decent size shake, rattle, and roll.

Small by USGS standards but the house had a good middle-of-the-night shake.

For the next several hours (over 24 – 2 nights’ sleep lost) I kept waking up before each and every aftershock.

Total drag.

I also felt seasick for 18 hours after.

Bummer, especially because I’m not one to suffer motion sickness.


As I wrote in Under Siege, the paranormal colors my life.

With plenty of interesting if friendly ghosts.

I was able to rule that out as the issue.

No Tech Here!

I conducted repeated and intense testing of a variety of tech and telecom sources.  Every single test came up negative!

I have not had sensitivity to Tech EMFs since May 2016.

So what the hell is going on?  

Or should I say was…?


I know researchers with IRVA studied the effect of solar energies on Psi but other than loving sunny days I’ve not really noticed a negative effect on my health related to the seasons.

I do not have SADD – never did.

In point of fact I do not believe the need for Vitamin D has anything to do with where I moved.  I am so confident in this that I did research and – as I thought – confirmed Vitamin D deficiency exists in places that have plenty of sun throughout the year.

When I have spare cycles I’m going to try to figure out the root cause of that – and find a nutritional fix that is better than “eat foods enriched with Vitamin Dsince it isn’t that simple.

They stopped at the end of summer last year and didn’t resume until 2 weeks after school let out this year.

Summer or school? Both? Neither?

Factor X

Not convinced it was solar energy related, I nonetheless held back on conclusions and continued to try various tweaks throughout July and August to see what made it better, what made it worse.

Including switching brands of vitamin D and the addition of Vitamin B12 which stops the phenomenon in its tracks, introducing yet another piece of the puzzle.

And just to add to the mystery, beginning 1 1/2 weeks before school resumed I started to feel significantly better.

The episodes dramatically dropped off.

I was winding down the D to see the impact and continued the B12.

And had the occasional had white wine as part of the test.

No dizzy.

Then a dizzy that seemingly had nothing to do with the wine – or anything else – but then two more days without one.

And beginning the Sunday before school started – nothing.

Gone for Good?

I could wait another year to see if it happens again but that would be naive because it assumes it’s related to a season.

When it could have to do with the fact school let out and there was some sort of change that took two weeks to catch up with me.

Not In The Home Or The Routine

Naturally, when it started up again this year at the same time, I looked first at what I might be doing differently. Other than switching to white wine I was doing nothing differently.

Nor was anyone else in the house.

The Wine Silly!

I switched from sauv blanc to chardonnay and noticed no dizzy spells.

However, other factors later ruled out sauv blanc as the ultimate/only culprit.

Inside Outside?

I ruled out changes in my family associated with summer.

No summer blues in this house!

I live around a bunch of retirees with grown kids so they aren’t doing anything differently because of school letting out.

Tourist Hell

It’s incredible how some people behave when they are vacationing in a location that is home for people.

I once watched a bus full of tourists get out in Queen Anne and start snapping photos of houses that had families living in them as if they were the Statue of David in Florence.

I wrote in Under Siege how I am affected by the energy of humans and since I’ve lived in areas that draw tourists for the last 22 years there is an argument for this energy to have an impact.

Like I said, Factor X.

It’s evident I’m dealing with a variety of factors and therefore need more data before coming to any conclusions.

At least I’m not suffering the damn dizzy spells anymore.

There’s more to it but this is a taste of what it’s like to be Psi and EMF Aware.

As Church Lady said, “Isn’t that special?”

Be well and stay tuned!

More to come at some point.

Next summer?

Perish the thought!

Post Note: I forgot to mention if I take a potassium supplement – which was necessary because the Vitamin D supplement pushed my levels down – I am guaranteed to have the episode. So – no potassium supplement for me.

I’ve written I have a love/hate relationship with potassium. It’s the EMF mineral big time but if you can’t take supplements – which I haven’t been able to – and you are sensitive to potassium rich foods which I was – life is fun. Not!

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