Note: This post will be updated in the days and weeks to come.

It’s been both relief and annoyance to conclude oddities experienced recently are the result of GMFs.  

I was pretty certain it wasn’t technology related EMFs but I didn’t rule it out.  I tested it!


I understand not everyone has the same experience and I do understand sensitivity to technology – and network technology in particular.  

And how miserable it is when it’s happening.


Years of research as well as results from curing the condition allow me to state with confidence

Blaming cell towers – regardless of the network protocol they ferry – is like blaming the oak tree because you are allergic.

Even as I was relatively confident – based on years’ long intense research – that 5G wasn’t the culprit of the new weird symptoms I still had to test it.  

When it comes to EMF Sensitivity, I take nothing for granted.  Ever.

EMF Sensitivity is devastating 

I never want to go through anything like that again!

Personal experience fueled the EMF Sensitivity books I’ve written, as well as continued research.  

All independently done and self-financed.

It’s also what is driving this next step.

A holistic healer, I am passionate about helping others.

Testing! Testing!

As expected and thank God I was able to rule out 5G as the culprit which left me with the infamous quote by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

Truth yes but bitter just the same.

Fault Lines.


For those interested in my wild relationship with the earth’s geology, including my ability to sense earthquakes before they happen I suggest the following

Thanks to hard work I’ve made incredible strides in addressing debilitating physical symptoms when exposed to the ultra-low and very low EM frequencies emitted via openings in the earth.

Not Just Faultines!

As I’ve written, and lived, manmade openings such as those associated with oil and gas exploration also enable these frequencies to get above the earth’s surface where they impact people sensitive to them.

As do openings such as fissures created by land subsidence.

It is because of progress I wasn’t looking at GMFs as being responsible for some really odd symptoms.

I will get to those in a moment.

At the same time I did not rule it out.  There were just a few problems.

I live on soil over rock.

I do not live on a fault.

I have not, before recently, had anything close to what was going on.  To add complexity – story of my EMF Sensitivity life – I’d never had these particular symptoms before.

Of course.

In Progress.

The situation is evolving for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is years of living with this crap have made it so I can turn on a dime when it comes to testing various options.


After a bit of contemplation regarding how to go forward with [read share] this evolving situation and any breakthru’s associated with it

  • I do not want to go back to the energy draining [posting on] situation I got myself into before
  • I do not want to write an entire book for one situation

I am going to update this particular entry.

I do not want to send out an alert every time I learn something new so I will simply edit this post, being sure to put a date on an entry so readers and visitors will know it’s more or less the latest.

With that in mind I will start by explaining the weird symptoms and any steps taken to resolve.


  • Weird dizzy feeling that precluded a premonition.

Explanation for the relationship will be forthcoming.

  • Nausea and warmth in my spine.

Associated with premonitions but again, explanations will be forthcoming.

  • Intense knowing something outside of my biochemistry was setting something off.

See above – forthcoming.

On That Note.

Sensing something is off.

When first sickened after relcoating to the SF Bay Area? Total denial from others.

I lost count of the times someone close to me tried to tell me nothing was wrong.  

To make matters worse, every medical test came back normal, suggesting nothing was wrong.

I knew something was wrong!

Stick To Your Guns!

When it comes to how you feel – you know best.

Do not let anyone talk you out of EMF Sensitivity. It’s real and it’s miserable!

It’s also treatable and curable.

I can only suggest that if you feel it in your bones something is off you need to follow it down til you figure it out.

Peanut Gallery comments, no matter how well-intentioned, need to be brushed aside!

I’m not a hypochondriac and I despise Disease Du Jour mentality.  If it’s on The World of EMF?  It’s real.

As are the solutions I’ve discovered.

Without Further Ado

9/09/22:  Having determined annoying symptoms have roots in geologic frequencies I will narrow my focus to the following observations

Which are working beautifully, thank God.

  • Vitamin B12 appears to stabilize the situation by eliminating the physical symptom of dizzy spell prior to premonition.

Which begs the question of whether GMFs induce premonitions, a theory long held by Michael Persinger.

  • Dimagnetic materials finish off remaining GMF symptoms.

This is new and requires I update Under Siege: Tools and Strategies to Deal with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity.

Please note that this is supplemental.  The heavy lifting curing my EMF Sensitivity happened years ago via heavy metal/toxin/environmental poison detoxification and nutritional balancing over a period of 2 1/2 years.

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