I often think about the next day’s writing project before going to sleep.

After saying prayers of thanks and other meditations.

On the tail of the prayers and meditation last night I mentally reviewed the post about manifesting I planned to write this morning.  

Which is not this one.

Glancing toward the window I considered the time of night and how the stars were aligned. 

And the Aurora Borealis I read about which explained why the clouds were such a cool color.

I thought briefly about a chapter in the Intention Experiments that mentioned researchers had the best results when attempting to manifest at 1 am sidereal time.

Here is a sidereal time converter.

After deciding I wasn’t up for a middle-of-the-night manifesting session I turned my attention to the Port Gallatan novel I’m working on, which made me smile.  

A good way to drift off to la a land.

Not sure if that put me in a specific state of mind for problem solving – being in a good mood like that – but I woke up with a cool manifesting idea I’m eager to try.

One that may increase the chance for success.

It’s no mystery this idea popped up immediately upon waking given what was on my mind before sleeping.

The effect of seasonal and daily time on manifesting efforts.

What is interesting is that I wasn’t thinking about anything.

The idea immediately popped into my mind upon waking, before I even opened my eyes.

EMFs affect manifesting.

What the authors call intentions.

The book goes on to detail a number of experiments in which researchers evaluated the effects of a number of variables on manifesting their intentions, including EMFs.

They noted better results when EMFs were blocked.

I myself have observed this in terms of prayers.  Whenever I’ve lit a candle and said an accompanying prayer at Grace Cathedral the prayer has been answered. 

For the entirety of the years I lived in the Bay Area.

 I have not had that success rate – 100% – before or after.  

It’s been years since I’ve visited San Franciso but every time I do I stop in at Grace.

I determined based on a number of factors related to my EMF research that Grace is constructed in such a way – including where it’s located – as to be the perfect EM shielding location.

That people come together for prayer – another factor covered in the Intention Experiments – definitely doesn’t hurt.

It was observed that building up the energy of a specific location for the purpose of manifesting was helpful.

The Idea

The book mentions a box constructed for the purpose of shielding intentions from EMFs.  

And how this increased the success rate.

Not having access to the box means I have no idea what materials were used in its construction.  However, years of having to find and use materials to shield myself from harmful EMFs mean I have a few with which to test my idea.

I’m sharing so readers can try this too!

Write down an intention (a goal to manifest) then shield it and see what happens.  

This is pretty ad hoc so keep this in mind. At the same time, it is important to be sincere in your efforts.

Skepticism will definitely work against you.

The quick and easy way I believe would be to write your goal – what you want to manifest – on a piece of paper and sandwich it between a couple sheets of aluminum foil.

Put it in a drawer or somewhere out of the way where it won’t get tossed by accident.

Another possibility would be to write the goal on paper and put it under a magnetic material such as hematite.

Again, put it out of sight.

The prevailing philosophy is that goals be kept from prying eyes lest the energy be dissipated.

You would not want anyone’s skepticism or any other negative energy to taint your dream.

There are a number of options to try.

Copper, silver, and other metals are good materials whereas stainless steel is not ideal.

An additional benefit to putting the intention out of sight is that it may increase the chance you let go of the outcome.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Obviously, this is a subjective test because only an individual will know when and how their goal has manifested.  And since you cannot use the same intention with different shielding materials since you won’t know which worked, it is difficult to have a control.  However, it would be interesting to try simply writing down a goal and sticking it in a drawer to see what happens. Prevailing theory is that it still has a good chance of manifesting though some, such as the author of It Works say it’s important to look at the list of goals daily.

Jose Silva suggests with the Mirror of the Mind technique you need to think on the goal – already attained – multiple times a day.

I’m going to approach this test very casually.  I’ll start with small things and work from there.

I may also try for one big one and try to forget about it by putting it away somewhere.  

Shielded, of course.


I was in the liquid think tank (shower) when I remembered the impact of GMFs on manifesting. If you live on or near a fault line you need to consider materials that block GMFs. As I write in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, every time I tried to manifest something after relocating to the East Bay I got the exact opposite of what I was trying to manifest.

It got so bad I quit trying for years.

After moving to Fort Collins, selected because it’s the least geologically active part of the country, my manifesting efforts took off.

I write about materials for dealing with GMFs in Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing With the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity.

Incidentally, Grace Cathedral is on what is called the Bay Block so GMFs are not a factor.

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