Warning:  Political

But holistic too!

I considered whether or not to post this blog entry because it’s political and that’s not my thing.  However, it’s also holistic.

And it’s about love and that is my thing.

I was sitting here listening to Original Sin by INXS and a funny thought occurred.  If the powers that be [read politicians] in the US move to invalidate interracial marriages – or any marriages for that matter – they are screwing themselves.

When I explained my reasoning to Aaron he shook his head and said “You’re thinking too logically.”  Hee hee.

Before Aaron and I were married we lived together.

ahem – in sin?  Perish the thought!

We debated whether or not to get married at all for one significant reason


The tax penalty that meant our combined income would be taxed at a much higher rate.

Newlyweds with few write-offs we were at a particular disadvantage.

After reading up on the matter we evaluated finding other ways to legally shelter joint assets and thus protect each other in case anything happened to us.

In other words we just eliminated the legal need to marry and were looking at a doo-doo load of savings in taxes.

Ah taxes…

The politicians’ bank account.

If marriages are done away with then those couples who love each other and are completely and totally devoted to each other won’t be penalized.

They don’t have to pay into the giant tax bank account that politicians use to pay for services.

And pet projects.

Ah love…

Neither Aaron nor I were concerned about the formality of the social custom because it didn’t change how we felt about each other.

Love and devotion.

We decided if we didn’t marry and we had kids we would just make sure we took legal action to protect each other and the kids.

There are a number of options for people who choose not to marry.

In the end we decided to go through with the ceremony.

And big time paid for it come April.

Had we stayed single we would have paid far less in taxes which makes the timing of this noise interesting.

After years of pandemic shutdown and the loss of all the tax revenue can the government really afford the tax loss?

Multiple governments depending how and at what level it would be done away with.

It’s not like we’ve begun to recoup what we lost.  

The pandemic is still here and due to a multitude of factors life and commerce are not back to normal.

It would behoove the politicians to carefully consider the ramifcations of the revenue loss.

Expenses are not going down. The tax kitties can’t say the same thanks to the pandemic.

If the political powers are determined to do away with marriage between certain individuals they are only screwing themselves.

Shrinking their already decimated bank accounts that much further.

It will also drive people affected to move to friendlier shores, including in some cases other countries, which will negatively impact their communities that much more.

Bye bye real estate and property taxes as well since they aren’t likely to buy a house in a community that doesn’t honor them as they are honoring the community.

Those affected who may move to other states or countries? They’re doctors, lawyers, paramedics, police officers, firefighters, military personnel.

Souls who are giving of themselves to make the world a better place.

The holistic view?

As someone who writes about hapily-ever-after and the passion and love between people I would like to point out that marriage is a legal and social custom.  It does not define the love and commitment between two people.

No one can take that away

Post Note: Listening to Queen – one of the most brilliant bands ever – still thinking up reasons why the US politicians are about to screw themselves if they go through with this misguided path of invalidating marriages of certain individuals…


and rang and rang…

The world is facing a rather interesting demographic shift at the moment. I’m not sure how it is where these misguided politicians live but where I live there are more jobs than people to fill them.

To the point an incredible burden has been put on youth and college students to fill roles so demanding they’re being worn out – body heart and soul.

When those affected move to those friendlier shores? They will leave vacancies to be filled.

Yeah, Aaron’s right. I’m probably thinking too logically.

Too bad certain others aren’t as enlightened…

OMG…listening to Queen’s Death on Two Legs

“…with your narrow minded cronies..”

The universe sure has a sense of humor

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