I’ve decided which fiction project to work on and it didn’t even take shower time to figure it out!

Shower time: Where some of my best thinking is done and many problems are solved.

All I had to do was win a few dozen rounds of Free Cell, sans the tunes.

I often listen to music while playing rounds of Free Cell when working out plot challenges.

Today’s challenge was a little different.  Typically once I finish a project my mind immediately starts work on the next one and it’s usually what I’d call low hanging fruit.

A project that is already started.

For weeks I assumed the next project would be Compass Rose which is a Colony book that is half finished but when it came to doing it I felt ambivalent.

I’ve had a Port Gallatan project – one that keeps getting delayed – in my mind as well.

Weirdly enough, however, now that I have the time to work on it I find myself less than enthused and while some might think that, combined with the fact it keeps getting delayed, it’s not a book of my heart.

That’s not it.

I can come up with an idea and put it on the back burner for years if not decades.

The Awakening Series was created in the early 90s while I was in the Corporate Black Hole.  I typed out the basics, saved them on 3 1/2 inch floppy, moved them around the country with me, got married, had kids, moved around the country some more, turned my focus to nonfiction EMF stuff, wrote and published the Awakening Series in between publishing the Metatron’s Army Series.

When a book is in my heart and soul?  It stays there.

The idea of doing a Gallatan book, however, intrigued me to the point that while playing rounds of the mindless game I decided to slide a different one in front of the one I was thinking of doing. 

This book that I will start this afternoon was also conceived in the early 90s and was originally going to be part of the Awakening Series.  However, after ending that series I decided to just set it asisde until I figured out what to do with it.

I considered doing it as a single title.

Utility to the Rescue

I was watching the furnace guy work on the oil furnace at the house we were renting when I came up with a plan.  I’d just finished Adjudication and was wondering what to do next.  When a rather startling display of electricity via arc’ing happened while he was working on it I had the answer.

Metatron’s Legacy.

I was impressed. He never flinched.

He told me he’d been expecting the like and it told him where the problem was.

It was while writing Legacy that, relaxed because I had a project I loved to work on, I got the idea for that other book.

Port Gallatan.  

As I had a number of stories from those early 90s I decided to move them west.

It was easier than I would have thought because the original location east is similar with mountains, forests, and ocean.

Port In a Storm was published not long after and though I’ve done other works since, I’m finally circling back to complete that book of my heart from the 90s. I don’t have a working title yet but I anticipate this book to be available for purchase late summer/early autumn 2022.

Stay tuned

Now it’s time for the think tank known as the shower.

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