Note: Very long post.

Hola!  Enjoying a bit of sun and admiring flowers I just planted.

And celebrating a mental breakthru by getting this post finished!

The original plan for this entry was to post it this morning but after a number of attempts I gave up because I couldn’t articulate what I was trying to get across.  The irony?  I was trying to explain the challenge of dealing with Esoteric energy examples that belong in multiple books.

Tailoring the nuance focused on for each audience.

Oh it’s a challenge alright.  So much so I couldn’t even get the thought down.  Worse, I had trouble explaining it to someone over dinner last night.  After this morning’s failure?  I wondered if I should include the principle at all.  

I should.

It’s just too important to my mind, has too much of an impact on health and well-being to leave out.  So, after a relatively long walk and time spent with house plants and outdoor flowers I sat down to give it a go.  Fortunately, while at the nrusery getting flowers I figured out a way to illustrate the point.

I also figured out what the problem was last night and this morning.

The example I was going to use this morning, which I used last night, is too complicated for a high-level explanation of the concept.  While picking out flowers I thought of another example I can use here that gets the point across.  

I am, however, going to have to find a way to get the other example in two upcoming nonfiction books, nuances and all.

In a number of books I’ve provided tools and strategies for dealing with the various aspects of EMF Sensitivity.  What makes the upcoming book unique is that I address the impact of 3 non-technologic EMFs.

Geologic, Atmospheric, and Esoteric.

The tricky business of dealing with these other Pillars of EMF Sensitivity is that a remedy for one type may worsen another.  For this reason I’ve included Caveats at the end of each Remedy Section 

Though not the original example intended, I can provide one I believe adequately illustrates the point.

Factor X

For the purposes of this specific example, Factor X is the negative impact of a toxic environment.

i.e. stress, toxic pople.

One of the tools I write about is the use of Vitamin D because it is the psychic shield hormone.

Yep, hormone.  Not a vitamin.

If vitamin D levels are low we are more vulnerable to negative energies coming from a toxic environment, with absorbing negativity from people a particular concern.  

However extreme caution needs to be taken with this supplement.  

Fat Not Water Soluble.  This means that if you take too much, you won’t pee it out the way you would Vitamin C and the B vitamins.  You store it in your tissues making taking too much a serious possibility.

Calcium is a Problem.  The more I learn and experience the more dangerous I believe excess calcium to be.  

It’s enough of a problem I’ve written a number of books about it.

Vitamin D pushes calcium into the bloodstream.  If you already have too much?  The problem will only get worse.  Hypercalcemia symptoms aside, too much calcium can cause anger, aggression, and depression.

It also causes feelings of despair and hopelessness when someone who is calcium toxic is explosed to Geologic EMFs. Assuming they are Sensitive to Geologic EMFs as I was. It can cause rage and anger when in the influence of Bluetooth frequency – including in cars – if you are sensitive – as I was though when bluetooth was turned off? Before I solved the problem all the anger/rage disappeared within seconds.

I no longer have issues with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity.

I call vitamin D the Evil vitamin because when I was around Geologic fault lines in a state of calcium toxicity?  I sensed evil.

It’s a word I reject outside association with crimes against humanity and Mother Nature.

There are other ways to metabolize calcium, including champagne and tequila.

Or the other electrolytes.

Bye Bye Potassium.  What I came face to face with recently was the fact Vitamin D can cause potassium depletion.  Potassium is not only the psychic processing mineral, it’s the best defense against Technologic EMF Sensitivity.

I literally began experiencing eerily familiar symptoms while taking the D.

Fortunately, I was paying attention to the potassium situation because my first symptom of low potassium – splitting nails – was front and center.

Something was off!

Worst of all was that I began having a nasty dizzy spell – complete with nausea – immediately before a premonition.  Dizziness is a symptom of low potassium.

Nausea is a symptom of too much Vitamin D.

What clued me in was the part of my head that was most affected.  It was too close to what I’d been dealing with when living in the East Bay.

Did the Technologic EMF Sensitivity come back?  No.  I’m beyond that thank God.  But it wasn’t fun to have these periodic dizzy symptoms that didn’t seem to have any particular trigger outside they happened immediately prior to a premonition.  

The stronger the premonition?  The more intense the miserable experience.

It took a bit of trial and error

Story of my EMF life.

I determined it was vitamin D – which had dropped my potassium levels – that was the culprit.

Note:  It wasn’t the time of year bringing more sunshine – theoretically reducing the need for supplements – that was at issue.  People who live in locales with sun all or most of the year have vitamin D deficiencies.

Which begs the question why someone isn’t looking into the root cause of that.

My theory on it is multi-fold.  I have long been against taking calcium supplements.  Too much will push vitamin D levels down.


Red wine causes the body to hold onto calcium.

Been there done that – it is miserable when you’re trying to purge excess calcium then learn the red wine that is supposed to be so healthy for you is making the problem worse!

Red wine and the negative ramifications of drinking it under certain conditions was the original example and will be in upcoming books!

Unless you live in a climate similar to that of the Mediterranean?  Yoiu might want to reconsider relying on the Mediterranean diet as a cure all.

A holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle and not just a specific diet is often the best way to go.

If you don’t live in a place sunny enough to deal with that calcium your body is going to accumulate thanks to the properties of red wine that can cause excess?  Trouble!

Supplementing with Vitamin D isn’t going to help you.

All Those Studies! 

What’s the problem with red wine?  It has a similar effect of vitamin D in that it draws calcium from the places in the body where it’s acting as a cement barrier

  • Arteries
  • Veins
  • Intestinal walls

That cement?  It keeps nutrient rich blood from getting where it needs to go.

And as a fellow electrolyte, potassium keeps calcium in check.

So while red wine may indeed cull the cement from the walls it dumps it into the blood where it can wreak havoc.  Not to mention, if your elimination organs aren’t working properly?  It’s going to end up back where it started.

Which is why the symptoms of various ailments may get worse when drinking red wine.

There are so many interconnecting and interrelated nutritional keys that it’s naive to think just following some fad or popping supplements will cure everything.  The truth is, such behavior – which several health industries count on – makes it likely you’ll be fixing one problem only to cause another.

That will require more supplements or medications to fix which may…

Trying to get these points across is complex but necessary which is why using the right example is so important.  And since I write from direct experience I have a number to choose from.


I’ve been doing this pretty much all of my life.

I explain the details of that in Ignoring the Rules: An Intriguing Approach to Resolving Calcium Toxicity.

Between experience and my unique resources

  • Psi
  • Esoteric helpers

I just know what to do and see trouble coming long before it hits.

Usually – the vitamin D caught me up but only made me more determined to understand why so much of the world’s population is deficient in it.

I don’t really have the time to go back through all the forks in the road of my journey in order to help everyone understand how I got here.

If I only considered EMF Sensitivity I’d still be talking about 23 years worth of work!

Given how much more difficult that reality made this upcoming book?  I have to seriously consider how to go forward with regard to my knowledge and experiences with the 4 Pillars of EMF Sensitivity.

I’m always learning!

I believe this ultra-long post will accomplish a great deal including giving readers and visitors an idea of what to expect in upcoming books.

I have a follow-on that will focus directly on the Esoteric energies which will allow me to deep dive into the subject – including a heck of a lot more about the potential negative impact of drinking red wine.

Stay tuned!

Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity will be available for purchase by or before the end of next week.

Post Note:  By the time I finally finished this? The sun went behind the clouds – for the day.

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