The Full-Time Job of Managing Coincidence

I find it particularly ironic that I am going to be working on the Esoteric EMF Section today given I’ve had a rather intereseting 36 hours.

Esoterically speaking.

It all began the other night.  I was lying in bed and for whatever reason I thought about one of the teachers I had in 5th grade.  For awhile she lived in a house down the street from me and I could picture the house, her yard, and her little girls when they played in it.  

I remembered both the girls’ names too.

Yesterday, out of the blue I got a text message that contained a photo and a rather enigmatic message that because I didn’t recognize the number made me think of scam.  At the same time when I enlarged the picture I thought, “Hey, that’s the Catholic school uniforms we wore in grade school!” I then picked out a number of classmates – remembering their first and last names.

I have to laugh here.  I could not find myself in the photo which was somewhat grainy.

I showed the photo to Aaron and he found me.  I then guessed based on the area code who was the likely sender.

A friend I’ve known since kindergarten but hadn’t heard from in several years.

She confirmed she was the sender and we texted back and forth for a bit.  I took a close look at the photo and puzzled over the fact there were two little girls in the picture.  

Way too young to be 5th grade.

I then noted that the people in the photo were a subset of the class.

Another mystery to sort out, albeit a brief one.

It was the group of people who were segmented off for advanced studies.

They brought a teacher in special to teach this advanced class.

I took another look at the photo – of me in the back row and noted the woman standing next to me.  It was the teacher I’d been thinking about the night before!  The two little girls in the picture were her daughters!

I was trying to remember her name – couldn’t.  My friend couldn’t either though we remembered a number of other teachers and other little fun facts.  

At this point I kept hearing the word Kentucky.  It was odd because I didn’t remember her being from that state.  Throughout the evening I tried to remember her name.  Finally, as I was about to fall asleep the name popped into my mind.


I sat here this morning musing over the coincidence of the teacher and her daughters being in that photo, the challenge of trying to remember her name then how once I put it out of my head it came to me. It occurred to me that in constantly hearing the word Kentucky in my mind I was trying to give myself the answer – Tucker.

That’s how Psi works sometimes.


Staring out the window I continued to think of the whole of it.

Thinking about her and her daughters and getting that photo less than 24 hours later.

I realized there was yet another coincidence tied in!

Factor X.

I’ve been puzzled by a strange Psi phenomenon I can’t explain or put my finger on.

Though I have a couple of theories.

Feeling particularly frustrated by lack of progress in undersanding this Psi sensation that has roots in temporal perception

I feel it seconds before having a premonition.

I did an Event Horizon session hoping to pull something out of the cosmos that might point me in the right direction.  While I didn’t get a hit I did get information on other issues.

I always do at least 3 questions of different topics.

As I was writing I got an image of a scene from Lord of the Rings.

Legolas shoots this sea creature that grabbed one of the team with his arrow.

I finished the session thinking how interesting it was that that scene came to mind.

I was thinking of the CGI that was needed to make the scene work.

I was never a big fan of Lord of the Rings though I did read the series.

In my 20s at the suggestion of a colleague who thought I may enjoy the book where I didn’t the goofy hamster cartoon of it I saw as a kid. Might have been guinea pigs.

Circle Back.

I was sitting here thinking about the photo and the teacher – the effort of trying to remember her name when I remembered something my friend texted me about the teacher.

She couldn’t remember her name either.

She texted, “What I remember is that she was amazed I read Lord of the Rings in 3 days.

That I had that in my Event Horizon session?  I hadn’t thought of that in years.  The scene just popped in mind while I was working the prompt.

The Prompt was Animal and this is part of the response:

Then for some reason I got the image of a scene from Lord of the Rings – I think Frodo or someone gets grabbed up by some underwater giant squid or something and Legolas uses his arrow to free him.

That she mentioned that in relation to that teacher given everything else?  It’s been an interesting 36 hours!

Makes me hopeful I’ll get insight into this other issue.

Factor X.

Note:  I was in the process of writing this post about coincidences when Aaron came in to share one he just had.

An Aha! Moment

What I call Shower Moments since I am able to solve many puzzles in the shower.

Though not this temporal Psi thing.

He then said “Funny this happened given what we were just talking about.

The coincidences of the previous 36 hours including the Lord of the Rings piece.

I smiled and said “I’m writing about that at this moment.”

Coincidence indeed.

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