The Convoluted Path of Wisdom

Happy 4th folks!

Just sitting here trying to get myself revved to work on Volume 2 of the upcoming nonfiction work and considering the fact that coloring outside the lines even when you create something beautifiul is very difficult.

Energy intensive!

This is an apt metaphor for the nontraditional approach I’ve taken to recovering from EMF Sensitivity.  What mde it so difficult?  I had to listen to my gut before anyone else.

Including medical professionals!

As I write in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, it was years before I could get anyone to take me seriously that something was wrong.

All medical tests showed everything within normal ranges.  Nonmedical people kept trying to tell me I was just stressed because of all the life changes I’d been through in a short amount of time.  I knew better!

I’d been under far worse stress and never faced anything close to what I was dealing with.

I never quit searching for an answer – the journey of which is detailed in that book.  

Some 17 years later and I’m still having to tune into my gut instinct in order to stay the path.

Yes, I have incredible results but I’ve also had my share of people questioning my methods since they don’t follow “conventional wisdom.”  Especially when it comes to eating but as I write in Ignoring the Rules: An Intriguing Approach to Resolving Calcium Toxicity, the healthier I ate, the sicker I got.  Something had to give!  So – ignoring conventional wisdom I tuned into my gut instinct and “winged it.”

It’s paid off.  Not only am I no longer EMF Sensitive, my physical health which took a hit after I was exposed to toxic chemicals is continuing to improve.  

One example: My nails which were ridged since at least 2009 due to toxin induced mineral deficiencies are finally smooth again, strong and growing at a normal rate.

Excess calcium and other toxins meant hair and nail growth slowed to a crawl and my nails were often soft and would shred.

The texture of my hair is what it should be – curly.

Calcium excess will take curl out.

A number of other physical challenges have been resolved

My eyes are no longer sensitive to sunlight, I don’t need to use moisturizer, and a number of other small but happy milestone victories.

Perhaps most interesting of those victories is that for the first time in decades I am able to sleep past 7 am.

Trouble sleeping was a big symptom of EMF Sensitivity.

Early on while working with a doctor to try to figure out why weeks after moving to the SF Bay Area I was getting sick, I took Ambien for 3 days but it didn’t help.

As I write in Riding the Waves, medications did not work for me when I was suffering EMF Sensitivity!

It is really something to lay in bed in the morning and go over vivid dreams that took place after 7 am.

I noted the dreams are more vivid which is likely related to healthy sleep.

It isn’t easy going against the grain but when the results are this good?  I just double down on my gut instincts.

Speaking of Gut Instincts. I’ve decided to include Volume 2 in the book.

Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity is coming along and will be released in the coming weeks.

Happy 4th and Stay tuned!

Note: I will be releasing an updated version of the Event Horizon App soon. This version will include a new look as well as new functionality.

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