Listening to Nigel Stanford’s Dead Pixels in the Sky and breathing a sigh of relief that I finished the summary for Volume 1 of Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity.

Drum Roll Please

This finished the draft.

I turned it over to the beta reader!

I anticipate the handbook which detals with Sensitivity to Geologic Atmospheric and Technologic EMFs to be available for purchase no later than the end of July 2022.  

Finished pawing through the basket – decided the stars weren’t going to line up in that specific way again so I’m free to go forward.

The days ahead will reveal changes to the websites.

Nothing drastic – just building on what’s in place.

I’ll provide updates including when to expect Volume 2 which details Esoteric EMFs in the coming days.

More to come!

Stay tuned!

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