Note: I originally had this scheduled to publish earlier. While watching Everything, Everywhere, All at Once – which is one of the stranger movies I’ve seen – saying a lot since I write about the multiverse/parallel universes -I got an urge to halt the publishing. I’m glad I followed my instinct as I woke up having solved a conundrum related to the theme.

As much as I love the prospect of helping others through nonfiction, for me fiction writing soothes the soul.

And it’s something I wanted to do from the time I was 3 years of age.

Writing fiction has been a joyous outlet for a life inundated by the seriousness of EMF Sensitivity.

Which actually interrupted my fiction career.

With that in mind I’ve been eager to finish Pillars so that I can get back to my beloved distraction.


As such, I spent the last several days putting down content and dealing with the challenges of organizing it.


Just as I was preparing to post a recent blog on the project update it occurred to me I needed a break from the serious.

I knew in turning back to the World of EMF I would be reengaging with Psi Avalanche and all the stress that goes with it – and so far I’ve been managing.  Still…

In the mood for a great salad and a oh so cool atmosphere for a working lunch – as I don’t take any other – I grabbed my partner in crime (so to speak) and head out.

As inside was overly cool – AC anyone?  We opted to sit outside.


Relatively crowded I noted the guy working the outdoor section was grace under pressure, quick on his feet, and seeming to miss nothing.

He also spent time helping the woman bussing the area – holding the door for her and doing what he could to make her job easier.

He approached not long after we sat down and introduced himself as our server.

What A Cool Name!

The moment I heard his name I tuned out.

Or – in. Inward, that is.

I’m guessing he noted it on some level as he focused on Aaron.

I was busy thinking “Oh my God that name!”

He took our drink orders and made for the bar to get them filled.  


That oh so cool name!

I smiled at Aaron and said, “That guy’s name?  Cade?  I’m using it for my next hero!”

Having lived with a writer for 25 years Aaron is used to the “Oh my god I’ve got to get this down!” relatively quiet enthusiastic outburst.  As such he didn’t bat an eye while I typed the name – having noted the very cool spelling with a C – into my phone.

I generally use text and send to myself when it’s short and sweet like that.

I got around to explaining to our very cool waiter that I am an author and plan to use his name for a hero in an upcoming book.  

I explained that for me thinking up names is one of the most difficult parts of starting a story.

Good with it we got into a brief conversation about his oh so cool – and in my opinion romantic hero – name.  I explained I’d seen his name – throughout the years – often in Westerns.

Always with a K.

I then explained the name has Scandanavian roots put through a Celtic filter and has appeared in various Medieval tomes.

Making it absolutely perfect for what I had in mind.

Ahhhh… rats….

While I’m more than eager to jump into the next part of the story, reality is that I do have to finish Pillars.

What makes it bearable is knowing that a key piece of the next work of fiction – naming the hero – has been filled in.

Though I’d love to thank Cade, it’s actually his mom if not his parents who deserve the kudos.  They gave him that awesome & so cool moniker.

Then again, he wore it well.

And was gracious when I more or less put him on the spot about it.


What’s in a Name?

I”m not going to waste time going into what is behind naming a child.

Too broad a topic.

What I can say is that even those who don’t possess the name take an interest.

While getting a hair cut I overheard a conversation about the name Caleb/Kaleb and whether a C or K was the proper spelling.  The owner, who would be cutting my hair next, said  “Elizabeth, you’re a writer.  How do you spell Caleb?  With a C or a K?”

Knowing I wasn’t going to be settling the dispute between he and his client, I replied, “Both.”

Dilbert Moment Anyone?

While in the Corporate Black Hole, it was brought to my attention that some parents were not as empathetic as they could have been when it came to naming their child.  The examples given were varied.

And reflected the emotional maturity of some of my colleagues who felt it imperative to bring to my attention.

As the employee phone book was listed last name first I will simply provide two examples and let readers’ eyes do the walking.

  • Case, Justin
  • Super, Dick

Translation Please!

Of course there is also the matter of names that don’t always translate.  Office Space‘s “Noggunna work here anymore” comment aside, when it comes to translation, some words are funny.

The following example is not a person’s first name but you get the gist.

While in high school I was visiting a friend’s home.  

Her family is Punjabi.  

We were studying for an upcoming test.  

The TV was going on in the background.

A commercial for Wondra skin cream came on which sent her family into bouts of laughter.  

Apparently, Wondra, in their language, means monkey.

It’s nice to know language can bring a smile.  For me?  Knowing I have a wonderful name to work with for an upcoming hero?  The seriousness of the Pillars won’t be quite so serious.

Delay Brings Aha.

My original idea was to use Cade in one of the Dragon Core novels. Problem was, I have the next 4 sketched out and there is no good way to insert such a character. Though this wasn’t going through my mind when I delayed publishing this blog entry, it ended up being resolved because I did.

I must have been chewing on it as I slept.

It was while walking across the kitchen this morning I got the answer of which series to use the name.

Port Gallatan!

Even that challenged me as I realized I couldn’t give it to an as yet unnamed hero in one of the upcoming stories.

He wasn’t what I had in mind when I pictured the hero.

Fortunately, I remembered that the book I’m publishing immediately before that also has an as yet unnamed hero and being from Big Sky Country? Cade’s my man!

Stay tuned.

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