Heading into the home stretch on the nonfiction project.

I’m glad as I’m more than ready to get back to fiction.

Up earlier than usual this morning, I’m getting video content finalized. The plan is to begin filming within the next few days.

Additionally, I will be releasing an update for the Event Horizon app.  

New functionality and a new look.

I have plenty of fiction in the queue.

I anticipate wrapping the nonfiction project by the end of summer at which time I will get back to the various projects.

Going forward fiction will be the primary focus.

Sci-fi and paranormal.

The nonfiction project will be maintained.

When it comes to the World of EMF, there’s always more to learn.

I will be making changes to the website in the days and weeks to come as I get a feel for what the project needs and what doesn’t belong.

Stay tuned

P.S. The Cesspit is offline temporarily.

It will go up once video production is complete.

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