I’ve decided to pull the two Esoteric EMF posts into one.  

It means this will be a longer post but one packed with information!


Today is a special day in terms of EMF Sensitivity.  

To put in perspective, it was 25 years ago.  I was working in tech and still living in Michigan.

I walked into the office to find a customer waiting.  Smiling, I reached out to shake his hand and introduce myself as his point of contact in the international supply chain solution our companies would be working on together.  The moment I touched his hand I knew he was the man I was going to marry.

There is more to this story – including the role of Metatron – details of which can be found in Lessons From the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army.

I distinctly remember looking for any indication he felt what I felt but other than a returning smile and giving me his name – Aaron Maxim – nothing.

I, on the other hand was very affected.  And in a state of shock.

While readers can get details in the book, including when he did realize I was the one for him, it’s the EMF aspect I want to focus on. 

 Specifically, that I felt the EMF that connected us in a unique way.

To give context I need to go back a few years earlier.

About 5.

I was at my paternal grandmother’s for a family gathering.  Several aunts from the other side of the family were in the kitchen along with my grandmother, my mother, myself.  They were – with the exception of my mom – lamenting my single status.

I assured them I was a very happy single, which they decided was impossible.

Like I didn’t know my own mind on the matter?

The conversation continued around marriage and meeting Mr. Right.

Likely because a number of younger cousins had recently married or were soon to be married making me – in their eyes – an Old Maid.

At 24?  Ah well…

They went on for quite awhile how they’d known the men in their lives were the ones they were going to marry.

Both my parents knew on their very first date, as did the woman who introduced them at the high school dance that evening.  She said as much when introducing them.  “I’ll be at your wedding.”

Curious I asked how they knew.  Interestingly, not one of them could explain it.

Though my grandmother tried to describe how she felt the first time she laid eyes on my grandfather in his Air Force uniform, which is close I suppose.

I was frustrated that while each one insisted “When you meet him you’ll know” not one could tell me how I would know.  Finally, one aunt said “You’ll just know.”

Oh, well, okay then.

The M in EM

M in EM is Magnetic which is a frequency.

I will be going in-depth on this aspect in some future publication.

It is this specific frequency I detected upon touching Aaron’s hand.

I remember thinking at the time – as I walked around the 2nd floor where my desk was – in a daze – that I would make note of the entire experience so I could actually describe it as more than “you’ll just know.”

What I felt the moment we shook hands was an immediate sense of well-being and as if I’d plugged into something.

It felt soothing and wonderful because of that.

I can tell you that even 25 years later when I touch him I get that same sense of well-being.

And so does he.  He describes it as soothing.

When EMs Come Between You

At the height of the EMF Sensitivity I was unable to hug Aaron or face him if we were in bed because of a sense of heaviness and pressure in the chest and sternum area.

Where the heart and solar plexus chakras are.

It caused terrible discomfort.  I was, however, able to hold his hand and discovered he was able to ground me after I’d touched something magnetic.

I describe in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living With EMF Sensitivity how I was unable to touch magnetic rocks without feeling a nasty electrical shock up my right arm, down my spine, and down my right leg.

I further determined if I held his hand he was able to reduce severity of symptoms in certain EMF situations.

EMF Sensitivity Free

In 2016, thanks to a lot of hard work and detoxification efforts, I was free of sensitivity to Tech EMFs.  I was also able to hug Aaron without pain or pressure, and I could face him in bed without that same discomfort.

Interestingly, a friend who was still suffering EMF Sensitivty at the time was visiting and he and I experienced that same discomfort when I hugged him.  He felt it as a pressure in the same chest/sternum area.  I explained that would resolve once he got the EMF Sensitivity under control.

Aaron still has the ability to ground me with touch after exposure to other non-tech types of EMs cause an unpleasant reaction.

Including certain ghosts but that’s a whole other story.

Visual EM

A colleague once told me he knew the woman he married was the one for him because when she opened the door he saw a glow around her.

He called it love at first sight and thought the glow was the energy of love.

He said he knew it sounded corny but it was like in the movies – she glowed and that was it.

EM in Reverse

I was chatting with a couple of sales reps not long after about the experience.

I was able to describe in great detail what it felt like.

One worried that because she hadn’t had that experience with her husband it meant something was wrong.

I assured her that was not the case – that my experience was not a pre-req for lasting love.

Still concerned she explained that when she first met her husband she didn’t exactly like him.

I maintained that was fine.  It didn’t mean anything was wrong.

She isn’t the first person I’ve known who married someone they initially were repelled by.

I mean repelled as in the physics defintion:  To force something to move away or apart; one electron repelling another.  Two positive electrical charges repel each other.

Every one of these couples is still together.

So far as I’m aware – some I haven’t seen in awhile.

Obviously, EMs play a role in relationships.


As I write in Riding the Waves, while living in the East Bay and sickened with EMF Sensitivity, every time I used Silva to try and manifest something I got the complete opposite.

I had had incredible luck with the Silva Method prior to that.

I became so traumatized by the results, I quit using the method for years.

Once we moved to Fort Collins – an area of lower than average geologic activity – the Method worked.

As part of the research into what the hell was making me so sick, I read The Intention Experiments: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World by Lynne McTaggart.  In the book she describes experiments done in a room insulated from EMFs.

Those Intention Experiments were more successful and the results manifested more quickly than those in areas not insulated from EMFs.

I highly recommend Lynne’s books to those who truly want to understand the impact of EMS on thought and intention.

I did not run into the same problems they did.

Whereas I had others they didn’t.

I was able to overcome a number of the challenges they faced with unique solutions.

Which I will be discussing in the upcoming work.

I can validate that EMs can impact success in that they can derail the energy of our intentions.

Key word:  Energy.

More to come on that subject soon.


A close cousin to intentions these can also be negatively impacted in the presence of certain EMs.

As documented in the Intention Experiments, solar storms and time of night can and do impact prayers and intentions.

I will share with readers and visitors how I stumbled on a solution.

At that time I had no idea what was going on.  It’s my knowledge now that lets me know why this worked.

Location Location Location

My system of prayer has evolved throughout the years.

I perform a blend of meditation and prayer that starts with going to level vis a vis Silva Method.

As I mentioned, while at the height of the EMF Sensitivity crisis my intentions were horribly derailed.

I literally got the opposite of everything I was going for.

My prayers didn’t fare any better.


Rebar to the Rescue

As I write in Riding the Waves, once I moved to San Francisco, all the EMF Sensitivity symptoms vanished.

Though I still didn’t understand what was going on.

Because I was paying quite a bit of attention I noticed that whenever I lit a candle in Grace Cathedral that intention or prayer came true.

Most of those prayers were said for others though that didn’t seem to make a difference.  All of them came true.

I’d noted, too, that every time I stepped into that beautiful church I felt wonderful.  What I didn’t fully understand – at that point – was why.

I originally thought it was just the energy of a House of Worship.

Years later Aaron helped me figure it out.  Grace Cathedral provides EMF shielding.

In the church.

This is due – Aaron believes – to the rebar in the foundation and walls.

I agree though I have noted cement also provides a degree of EM shielding, as do glass and mica. Stained glass windows anyone?

Location?  Repetition!

The Intention Experiments has a chapter on how energy can accumulate in an area – such as a room – and increase the likelihood of success.  I imagine there is a lot of good prayer energy in the Cathedral that may boost the chances of fulfillment in general.


After we moved back to the East Bay I got sick all over again.

Remember, at this point I had no idea what the hell was going on.

While intentions and prayers were blowing up in my face there was one exception.  Whenever I went back to the city and lit a candle at Grace the intention or prayer worked out.

It was a bumpy ride realizing that and so an imperfect experience.

But it truly is limited to Grace.

So far that I’ve experienced.

We eventually moved away from the Bay Area and in the years after made our way around the Southwest US.

Including a stint in San Diego.

Though I visited several churches and a few Cathedrals never again did I find a place that offered that same wonderful feeling and none produced the stellar results I got at Grace Cathedral.

The Mission San Xavier del Bac is close but even there the results were not as significant.

It’s in the Cement

While in the city we lived in a warehouse conversion.  Not only did my EMF Sensitivity symptoms go away, my Psi abilities increased significantly.  Aaron suggested the same forces were at work.

Rebar in the cement was shielding me from problematic EMFs.

Not All Iron is the Same

I want to caution folks about relying on iron.  As I will be explaining in the upcoming work I’ve had some very intersting experiences with various forms of iron.

Especially wrought iron.

It’s yet another reason to be cautious about Faraday cages as one-stop solutions to EMF Sensitivity.

Though the materials may be different the point is there is a finesse to EMF shielding.

More to come

Stay tuned

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