Taking advantage of tech tools is interesting.

Note: This post is edgier.


Categories are cool.  That each one still sends out a notice?  Well – I guess I have to hope subscribers understand.

As part of the nonfiction project I’m continuing to fill in content.  Sometimes this means adding a page, other times testing a new Category for a page.  Whenever that second happens?  A notice goes out to subscribers.  But what if they aren’t interestsed in that cateogry?

I stressed about this until Aaron reminded me my readers are grown-ups capable of deciding whether or not to read something.

Categories are powerful in that blogs can be filed under appropriate topics.  What’s a bit frustrating – to me – is that everyone gets everything.  Then again, that IS empowering to readers in a way.

It also goes to the point of the nonfiction project as it was rescoped.

As a writer and healer …

I do have a doctorate in holistic healing but I was born a healer**

I want to give readers and visitors a wonderful experience.

As I’ve written: Showing a world you never knew existed and Knowledge Is Power; Experience Power to Share.

There’s a saying in the literary world.  Show don’t tell.

Which I’ve heard ad naseum.  Still…

What Aaron reminded me of – that my readers and site visitors are grown-ups – is that I was leading them in their decision making and their interpretations of my work.  But this is me so I’m going to put out a post to let them (you) know that in the weeks and months to come there may be spurts of posts going out and that I don’t foresee – no pun intended, psi that I am – it as being “the norm.”  

Not once the project gets going which will be late spring/early summer 2022.

In the meantime I’m asking patience because it’s part necessity part learning experience on utilizing the new tools WordPress is making available.

Overall I’m satisfied but there are days I think WordPress “happiness engineers” should be happy I’m not on the other end of the line – tech savvy blogger that I am…

As to the point of the nonfiction project and how this may help the overall situation.  This project is adding depth and continuing to show readers/visitors a world they never knew existed and it goes into the whole.

Hey – I’m unique.  As my old corporate managers used to say – I walk the talk.  Not that they did but -like the overused phrase “secular headwinds” everyone borrowed from IBM’s CEO showed – even useless catch prhases can serve a purpose in a pinch.


I’ve written previously how I moved my workspace and built it out through imagery and photos that grounded me in my present.

Which is now my past.

A lot of those images got me through a rather rough patch

  • 3 relatives dying in 3 weeks
  • launch of sensitive material (personally) 
  • life
  • other

It might be of interest to note that one of the images was of the Grinch stuck in a chimney.

Definitely how I felt as multiple crises pulled at me.  Fortunately, I know priorities. Self – so I can be there for my family – then MY family.  Then whatever or whoever else.

The other was Carey Grant – pictured above – from an interesting time along my corporate path.

Though long after I’d left the Corporate Black Hole.

We were at the Carly-Capellas I love myself fest in Vegas – Aaron and I at same company at that point – staying at MGM Grand.

Watching them prance about onstage like they were Metallica or something while all of us knew we were ducks in their shooting gallery of “who survives the coming secular headwinds?” layoff Arcade from Hell Game.

The photo was at the end of the hall – immediately visible as Aaron and I got off the elevator – and I remember telling him it was the absolute coolest expression – as if he truly understood the Corporate “Bullshit” and was challenging me to “walk the talk” aka if I didn’t like it? Leave.

I walked shortly after the Titanic II set sail. As in 2 1/2 months. Having lived through the original in which we had a sandwich board in the hall on the first floor that read “At least the Titanic had a band?” Been there done that no thanks.

The day I resigned?  My then boss hauled me into a conference room and began pounding on the conference room table that he was going to show me – see here how well that went over – “…and he was going to…”

Yap away was my mental thought at the time, along with the thought “The company spent money on this?” while looking at the ugly conference room lighting.

As he continued to pound on the table and tell me how it was going to be.

At one point – tired of listening to him yap – I said “Are you done yet?  I quit.  I gotta leave because one of the other managers is giving me a ride back to the city.”

Because I’d turned in my car.

If you can believe – this isn’t the Corporate Black Hole years I speak of!

I can’t say what became of it after I left.

All I knew is that I’d rather flip burgers than go through Titanic II.

And having a boss younger than me pounding a table and telling me how it was going to be.

Sometime props ground you in place.

Which is why I put these into my feng shui bag.  Someday I may put the frames back up with new photos.

Sometimes they give you strength and energy to get to the next phase.

Like people who give water to those in a marathon.

All I know is that my work space is a lot clearer.

Zen? Sort of.

The Meaning of Life

Well that’s up for grabs, isn’t it?  

Rather than tie it back to the nonfcition project I’ll just tie it back to life

As I see it – through my lens of having survived horrible abuse and overcoming adversity, not to mention surviving the Corporate Black Hole!

I’ll touch on a couple of points I think may help readers and visitors

  • For those who aspire to write.

If you are on the edge – I suggest reading Stephen King’s On Writing.  I’m not a fan of his work but I absolutely loved and gained much – as a writer – from this book.

  • For those who aspire to live a work life balance

I could write an entire essay if not a book on corporate abuse but – I will share this

It’s Gen X who refused to be forced to choose between marriage and/or family and career success.

Probably helped that their wives – mothers of their children – were in the workforce as equals. As Demi Moore told Rob Lowe – maid service isn’t part of the package. Especially not when we work as many if not more hours.

In other words, as I told Aaron on our first date – “If you’re looking for June Cleaver keep going.”

Though I fixed the plumbing in the basement bathroom and helped him lay subfloor in his kitchen remodel – directed said remodel – and painted – and other fun while he was getting his house ready to sell. I also helped a friend replace his deck and did plumbing troubleshooting at his place that saved him $$$$$ in plumbers’ fees AND insurance. Thanks dad who didn’t think my sex was any reason not to show me the ropes of life.

Incidentally – Aaron was right there with me – doing electrical and putting up drywall alongside my brother and other stuff. The guy knows his stuff!

Thanks to his dad teaching him!

Gen X: The ones who were supposedly useless mall rats who wouldn’t get off our parents’ couch.

I left home at 17 to go to college – academic scholarship and PELL GRANT – because my mom made $9K/year – which is why I worked 3 jobs. Other than a brief 10 day stint after returning – briefly – from California in 95? I never lived home again.

As to weekend dad? One of my numerous Baby Boomer colleagues put it this way…

I had a few from the Greatest Generation too – including a guy who used to program the code on guidance missiles for submarines in “the War.” Interestingly, I had more respect for them than a lot of those Boomers. Maybe it was because my paternal grandfather was an Air Force navigation engineer in the Atlantic Theatre in WW II.

We were waiting for the elevators at the same Corporate BS I love myself fest at the Vegas time waste. He was the “weekend dad” – HIS WORDS – gone during the week with his wife doing all the heavy lifting and him to have the kids as his – partial – responsibility on the weekends.  

Not too different from divorced dads at the end of the day.

Doesn’t have to be that old antiquated NEVER HAD TO BE CORPORATE Way.

Being fored to choose between family/marriage and the corporate ladder.

As for Aaron? Well – having grown up watching that crap – and having fought my own way up that ladder…

I would never have married anyone that didn’t respect the new Gen X read: forward way…

He held our child – an infant – in one hand – and a cell phone in the other while on con calls so I – nursing 24/7 – could get badly needed sleep..

Obviously doctors can’t take their kids into the OR but you get the idea.

I hold Aaron as an example because as he told me in less than dulcet tones he was the only one out there!

In those early days.

But he wasn’t the only one!

I reminded him my brother and step-brother were both doing the same.

My brother owned his own business and my step-brother is a teacher!!!!

It might be interesting to note Aaron spent numerous hours throughout the pandemic coaching colleagues on how to manage work at home – with kids.

Something he’d done from the beginning.

Don’t let the bastards get you down.

This is a saying from my dad who is – to put it mildly – an interesting character.

He reminded me of this when he happened to call while I was in the midst of Corporate Black Hole hell.

As I used to remind Aaron when HE was in Corporate Black Hole hell – “They need you more than you need them.  NEVER FORGET THAT!”

I will admit incidentally I am sooooo unbothered by the supposed problem in the labor pool.  I’m sorry – too many decades of greed, abuse, and blatant BS used to under pay valuable souls are – as karma ensures – coming back around.

Or as my grandmother born before WW I used to tell me. “What comes around, goes around.”

And as my dad is wont to say, “Karma’s a bitch.”

Didn’t I say this was edgier?

More to come

Stay tuned…

** When I was less than a year old my mom took me to a park where we encountered someone newly back from the Vietnam war. Apparently, I toddled up to the man and asked where his legs were.

My mom – according to her – was horrified and ran up to apologize to the young man.

The vet and I apparently spoke for some time and when my mom apologized – for me? He smiled and told her it was the first time since he’d been home from ‘Nam he’d smiled.

Like I said – I was born a healer.

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