What a productive 24 hours!

Not only was I able to conduct back to back successful EMF tests…

Materials anyone?

I came up with a title for an upcoming book relating to/introducing the upcoming nonfiction project!

Thank you Aaron for the brainstorming session!

Conducted in parallel with the EMF test.

Of course, as with everything EMF, answering one question opens up more.

There’s always more to learn.

Fortunately, thanks to the addition of a new crew member I was able to gain incredible insight into the X Factor.

As well as the most recent materials impact on EMFs.

I also attended another online class, the results of which will go into the foundational aspect of the upcoming project.

Having spent decades in tech, I do a lot of the work myself.

Though I do have a tech-savvy team behind me that pulls a lot of the weight, freeing me up to focus on writing and research.

It isn’t about control so much as the way the entirety of my career evolved.

Much differently than I anticipated.

The plan for the project is still what I call a soft launch which basically means stuff will go up and may come down as I work to get it Goldie Locks.

Just right.

When I feel it’s there I’ll do a post announcing it officially launched.

Even then there will be tweaks to enhance the user experience.

At this point a lot of it is getting the feel.

Which is more about the creator than the consumer.

There are a number of ways of bridging the two which is why there are tweaks.

I’ve gained – thanks to my newest crew member – traction on the upcoming Messenger of the Gods, a Dragon Core novel.

He pointed me at music for the playlist.

It isn’t that I have to have a playlist before I can write so much as that the playlist is something I can turn to if I need to ground myself in the feel of the story.

Or the feel of a character.

That I didn’t have one for the upcoming project was reflective that I was still tasting a spaghetti sauce and saying “Something’s missing.”

And until I nail it I can’t truly get going.

For the curious, it was R.E.M’s Bang and Blame that broke it loose for me.

This insightful member of the crew who I call Pirate** also suggested I go through my iTunes library and cull anything that is no longer reflective of who I am as a person.

In some cases, it never was.  It just landed there because someone else flung it over the wall at me and I just didn’t bother to wipe it off.

It’s part of laying that foundation for success.

It isn’t just adding what goes in – it’s getting rid of what doesn’t fit.

I think what I’m most excited about is finally understanding Factor X as an EMF challenge.  Or maybe it’s validating what Aaron told me about it back in 2014 when we were living in San Diego.

It wasn’t that I didn’t believe him, I just didn’t understand how it was possible as a source.

That Pirate was able to explain the exact frequency dynamics behind it?  Icing on the cake!

More to come!

Stay tuned.

**Like all crew members, he’s a musician. As with all of them, I couldn’t have picked him out of a lineup, had no idea who he was.

And as with most of them, had no idea he’d left the planet so to speak.

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