Thought I’d take the opportunity to provide a bit of clarification on the nonfiction project.

In my enthusiasm to share everything I’ve learned about atmospheric, geologic, and esoteric EMFs I created a bit of a monster.

Scope creep anyone?

It started with “I could…” which led me to take several online courses to better undertand various tools that would support my efforts which led to more “…and then I could…” which is true but was turning the project into a behemoth that would have sucked me dry as it took up enormous amounts of time and energy.

And not just because I was doing tasks that could have been outsourced.  Someone has to manage that regardless.

The nonfiction project began squeezing my true passion.


The deeper I got into the scope creep of the nonfiction project the less space I had for what I love.

Not that I don’t love EMF research!  I live it every day!  

Not to mention I have a passion for helping others.

I decided to rescope the nonfiction project.

The intent is the same.

Share information with others for mutual benefit.

The information is the same.

What I’ve learned and experienced.

The format is the same.

Some written and some video.  Not sure if I will do audio only.  Perhaps.

The scope is smaller.

And thus, more targeted.

I caught the creep and herded it back where it belongs.

It was like herding cats.

I will provide updates as appropriate.

And I will continue to divide my writing energies between fiction and non.

You might be surprised by how much both those genres have been influenced by esoteric EMFs.  One thing I can promise.  You will be finding out.

Through the upcoming releases.

Stay tuned.

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