I’m sitting here contemplating a white board on which I have the various castle rooms written, enjoying a bit of sun – and a bit of peace and quiet.

Sort of.

I’ve come to see that peace and quiet – for me – can be more disruptive than chaos.  This is partly – I believe – because as someone whose life has been chaos since pretty much the beginning – I’m used to navigating it with ease but also – because it leaves time to think.  The challenge with that – in my case – is that if I don’t choose something specific to think about something will be chosen for me.  

Unless it’s a book project, I’m probably not interested.

Today turned out to be a surprise in the thinking department.

In an effort to distract myself – so my mind wouldn’t wander too far into the quiet – I thought about a few emails I could get to.  The thought of one of the recipients took me to a place I hadn’t considered.  

A very welcome place.

Happy peace.

I took a moment to consider how this woman is one of the gentlest, kindest, and happiest people I know.

The kind of happy that is an inner contentment that glows out of her.

Her husband is pretty similar in that he radiates contenment – and peace.

I suspect it comes not just from their natural dispositions but that they are living their truth.

aka their dream.

To put it in perspective I need to go back in time a few decades.

Switchback style.

When I was a kid my dad used to watch Jacque Cousteau.

He also subscribed to Yachting magazine.

He often talked about living – as a family – on the open seas and while he talked I watched the show documenting the seaman’s latest adventure and while I didn’t agree with my dad’s thoughts on the matter – I wasn’t interested in living on the ocean – I did spend a lot of time pondering the type of person who would.  At the top of the list of thoughts was how brave such souls would be, followed by how adventurous, and finally, how passionate.

The kind of inner fire that would sustain you through the difficult times.

I don’t know if it was flipping through my father’s magazines and studying the luxurious innards of the yachts or noting the absolute serenity projected by Jacques and his crew but over time he became a hero for the simple fact he was living his truth.

His dream.

Though I never felt a pull to live on the open seas I always had admiration for those who did.  And throughout the years, as childhood ponderings tend to do, things came around so that I met several individuals who do.  What they all have in common is an inner peace that simply radiates and while one might think it comes from negative ions or sunshine or some other nature aspect of their living arrangements, I know it’s more.


It’s living their truth.

Aka dream.

I might be tempted to think it’s living on the water that inspires the peace but I’ve been fortunate enough to come across other souls who, though living their truth, are not on the open seas.  Every one of them radiates a peace that comes from living their truth.

Living life on their terms.

It’s about choice.

I believe what all these souls have in common is choosing the life of the free spirit.

Each of them worked diligently for years to earn the ability – the right – to have choice.

As someone who’s done likewise, I know it takes decades of hard work.

Outside Inside.

It’s not always fun.

Nor is it easy which is why passion is, I believe, a prereq.

Living a nontraditional life comes with unique challenges.

If you travel the seas, consider the impact of all the countries that had to close their ports because of Covid.

Everyone I know to be living their truth has something in common. Every one of them has been challenged – especially in recent times – yet all radiate that same inner peace.  

I think it’s because they are living a life reflective of who they are.

The soul has the freedom to express itself.

One thing I’ve noted.  Whenever I have the threat of nonproductive thoughts at the edges of my consciousness?  All I have to do is think of one of these individuals and peace is restored.

Live your truth!

Dedicated to Behan, Jamie, Derek, Andy, Sean, Gregg, Kim, Sandy, and MaryAnn, all who are embracing their truth – and life! You are an inspiration!

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