I’ll be honest, it’s a little early for me but I guess I was done sleeping.

At 5:45am.

I tried lying in bed do see if I could get back to sleep.  Within minutes the birds began singing.

Fortunately, not a stellar’s jay.  Those guys are loud.

Realizing it was pointless to try to get back to sleep I mentally went over what the writing plan is for the day.

Dragon Core!

In addtion to the fiction, however, I will be continuing work toward the nonfiction project.

Over the next weeks I will be adding pages and articles tying into the project.

As I lay in bed listening to the birds I considered how different the rhythm of morning can be depending where you live.

Not to mention what time of year it is.

It brought to mind just how many parts of the country I’ve lived in.

Multiple cities in multiple states in multiple regions in the US.

While I didn’t develop EMF Sensitivity until moving to the SF Bay Area in 2000, I have had the chance to understand how different locations have impacted the condition, for better or worse.  All of this is going to go into the upcoming nonfiction project.  Specifically


I have lived at 0 feet sea level (Louisiana), 627 – 833 feet (Michigan) 5004 (Colorado) and a number of variations throughout the western US.  

Thunderstorms in these different regions and the impact of those storms provided a wealth of data.


I began studying the impact of geology on EMF Sensitivity in earnest while living in the SF Bay Area as I’d readily seen the impact.

Especially geologic fault lines.

I have lived in regions of the country known for shake, rattle, and roll, and other areas known to have the least geologic activity in the US.

Chosen for that reason.


Though this was not part of the initial EMF Sensitivity research outside noting a loss of psi ability as one of the symptoms, after living in so many different regions I’ve come to see the impact of location on psi.

Traveling to areas with unique geologies and noting patterns while on vacations or EMF research trips has also given me perspective and insight.

Though I have had psi for as long as I can remember there are locations and conditions under which the frequency – no pun intended – increased significantly.

It isn’t just location.

I will be sharing the role tech plays in psi experience as well.

As I’ve written in Destination Unknown: Explorations of the Paranormal, ET who showed up on the scene while I was visiting Vegas has been incredibly helpful with regards to EMF Sensitivity research.

He’s also helped in my recovery.

Once the other members of the crew – who began showing up in 2017 – understood what I was dealing with they did what they could to help.

I have learned so much about the impact of location and materials on psi thanks to their assistance.

I will be sharing all of this and more in upcoming articles and videos.

Stay tuned.

Among other things, ET helped me understand why the type of music I used as a remedy worked.

** I will be sharing how living north of the 37th parallel is the same as living on top of a mountain.

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