I’m sitting here fighting tears.

Not sad ones either.

Maybe I’d better back up.

You know – start from the beginning so I can do my favorite thing in recent weeks – put it in context?

I’m listening to Honeymoon Suite and jotting down notes for an afternoon meeting.

About the upcoming nonfiction project.

The meeting is about web design changes.

Specifically, new banners and imagery for the pages that will be dedicated to this project.

I sat down after lunch and thought about words that came to mind when describing a very specific part of the upcoming project.

Ahem – Esoteric EMFs.

I ran a couple of the words through the Thesaurus to see if I was on target only to find one of them triggered an esoteric response.

It’d be lengthy to go into – let’s just say one of the esoteric advisors in my sphere didn’t like it and proceeded to lock up my computer and yes – having worked in tech for decades and with my computer since I bought it?  I know when it doesn’t fit the “can easily be explained” category.  Sigh.  

Point taken I went back to the drawing board.

Obviously, someone had an opinion.  My guess?  He thought I was selling myself short with that particular adjective.

One of the – um – advisors suggested I turn to imagery right off because a picture’s worth a thousand words.

He then went on to say that I already had what I needed – if I’d just look around.

Turning my head I saw a poster I keep close.  My eyes went first to the imagery but then fell to the words:  Perspective is Everything.

I can’t count the number of times people I used to work with in the Corporate Black Hole** used to tell me attitude is everything.  Nope – perspective.  

Perspective gives rise to attitude.

Sensing I was interpreting correctly I went to other art pieces I designed and began copying them into the document I would be using as a talking point with staff.  

Here’s where it gets … hmm – weird?  Different?  ME?!

Hint: ME?!

As in I know it’s my life.

Finding an image I liked I copied it into the document then went back to my work to see if a specific item I had on a book cover would serve to go with it.  Unfortunately, because of orientation, I was going to have a challenging time getting a good visual perspective which drove me to go onto the web and debate grabbing a clipart piece that might do the trick.

I knew it wouldn’t.

Deciding I’d just have to wing it best I could I copied the image of the book cover into the document next to the other piece.

For perspective.

As I sat there – fingers paused over the keyboard while debating what I needed to do to make it work for me – the image flipped so that the specific item I needed close to the other objects moved into place.

I Didn’t Do It!

My fingers still hovering over the keyboard, I took a moment to just stare.

Noting how I was now able to get the perfect visual perspective.

Because an esoteric helped.

Showing his support.

Upon seeing the two images side by side with the pieces I needed to compare in the exact location I needed them – through no effort of my own?  My eyes started to sting.

It’s Real!  It Really Happened!

I can’t count the number of times in the past 10 years I’ve said to myself – often out loud – “That really happened.  I just saw that.”

Surreal does’t begin to describe it.

Surreal doesn’t begin to describe my life and how it changed once ET – today’s esoteric advisor – showed up in the Vegas Hard Rock.

While he played a big role this afternoon he is not the only crew member in the vicinity.

I’ll be explaining the story behind the crew as part of the nonfiction project.

btw: It’s Aaron’s nickname for the creative spirits who call me friend.

My eyes stung because it’s a reminder it’s real.  

That I have help if not support if not approval from the crew.

And speaking of approval…

Ready to share my story, I opened a new Word Document to start this blog.  

I always start my blog creations by typing in a title then typing away before doing a copy and paste.  

Today?  I typed in a title and got an immediate esoteric response.

ET appeared to my right kiddie-corner from my desk.

He was sucking on a DumDum sucker and shaking his head.

As I write in Destination Unknown: Explorations of the Paranormal, I asked him to do something other than the stinky cigarettes when paying a visit.

Thus, the DumDum suckers.

Obviously he didn’t like my original title.

He explained why – and I agreed.

I chose the current title and he nodded.

DumDum in his mouth.

Why tears?

I didn’t cry – my eyes stung.

It’s real! That image? That an esoteric advisor helped me like that? It’s real. They want to help me succeed.

Throughout the previous 5 or so years I’ve had numerous conversations with several of the crew wherein they tell me they know what it’s like to put yourself out there; how scary it is – and went on to share personal stories.

Sharing this part of my life with the world?  It’s scary.

With notable exceptions, I’ve been either feared or rejected for psi from the time the nun locked me in a closet when I was 7 because I saw an aura.

A lot of it had to do with where I was living not to mention the educational or cultural background of those around me.

In general, the higher the level of education, the less of a problem it was. Unless you’re a nun.

The Grim Reaper.

I’ve lost count of times one family member or another has said to me: “Am I dying?  Is that why you’re here?”

When in reality I just flew some 3000 miles across the country for a surprise party they aren’t aware of or just a visit.

Those comments do not make me happy or feel good about myself.

Though a number of family members have been understanding – to the degree they shared stories of their own supernatural experiences.

To have the crew – esoteric advisors that they’ve been – helping me? Believing in me?

To have them holding my hand through this next stage of my career?

It’s surreal.

And beyond words.

Though images might work.

**I will be explaining about what I term the Corporate Black Hole in the upcoming project. Basically, it’s a specific time and place.

That it became a toxic environment which significantly impacted my life is what made it relevant enough to label.

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