Enjoying a bit of sun warming my back as I’m making my way through Pin: Book 8 in the Metatron’s Series Reboot Project.  Though it’s a bit overwhelming reading one immediately after another it has been a lot of fun reading the series with fresh eyes.  Interestingly, I think it’s going better than a previous attempt to fix errors and rerelease the updated manuscripts because of progress made on that basket.

It’s as if a bunch of stuff that wasn’t mine was acting as a filter over my perceptions.  

What I do know is that I am seeing various aspects of the series in a new light.  Intimacy, for instance.

My relationship with writing intimacy has been long, windy, and, at times, amusing.

This is You!  NOT!  

I learned early on that a number of people, no matter how much you protest, will assume that whatever you wrote is from self-experience.  While frustrating, it can also be irritating, and hurtful.

On more than one occasion a family member created a great deal of trouble for a lot of people because of their insistence I was writing from personal experience.

One of the instances was so traumatic I gave up the genre altogether!

Just getting used to writing intimacy took quite a bit of energy.

Especially since I began writing long before I’d entered into any intimate relationship myself!

I got around any awkwardness by putting on headphones and blasting rock music.

So I didn’t have to think about what I was doing or how others may treat me after reading.

Another challenge I went through, much further along the path of my career, was worrying about running out of ideas for scenes.

A friend assured me this wouldn’t happen, promised I would find a way forward.

Fortunately, I was able to get around that challenge not long after.

A combination of letting go of what other people would think of me when reading the scenes and focusing on the characters in the relationship rather than the scene itself.

Moral Support.

Understanding the root of some of the issue – crap in the basket – Aaron has done what he could to help me let go of worry.

He helped me turn a corner letting go of the worry during the writing of the Awakening Series.

And Now?

I just finished reading a scene that had me smiling before I even got two sentences in.  It isn’t the physical details that make this a scene I enjoy, it’s the emotions that flow between the two characters as they talk about a challenge – and the location in which they do the talking.

They’re in a tree.

This scene brings back good memories of Bell Creek Park in Redford, Michigan, of summers playing with friends and watching the more adventurous jump from trees into the creek, something I never did.

I was 7 but the guys I was watching were junior high age. I was in awe of their adventurous spirit, their bravery.

In reading my description of the climate, the warmth, humidity, the location – a tree -I could really put myself in that location.  

There’s an undertone of mischief to it, two adults sitting up in a tree late at night talking – and just being with each other.

It was a reminder of simpler times, when life wasn’t so serious.

For me and for the characters in the story.

As I learned in reading with fresh eyes, it’s another facet of intimacy.

One that delves more into the state of mind.

I’m guessing things happen when we’re ready but I can’t help thinking, given how much I’m enjoying this go round, how nice it would have been to have gone through that basket before.

To dump those filters that weren’t mine.

I look forward to the rest of the series – and the next phase of my career.

Done without filters.

Stay tuned!

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