Depending where you live spring may mark its arrival in a number of ways.  

According to the olde calendar – spring arrives on February 2, what the US calls Ground Hog Day.

When I lived in the Bay Area I knew spring was here because we needed to mow the lawn.

Mid to end of February.

In Michigan it was when the daffodils poked through the ground.

Usually mid March but every year was different.

In Colorado, it depends whether or not you believe snow is part of spring.

Which I don’t – part of why I moved. I’m not a skier.

Where I live now?  The arrival of one of the noisier if beautiful birds, the Steller’s Jay.  While I admire these birds – am even amused how they go at it with the squirrels over tree territory and food – I don’t appreciate having them screech outside my window early in the morning.  

As I recently saw him in a tree close by I have a feeling he’s going to be my new alarm clock.

But here I am with coffee on the desk so I’ll make good use of the early start and continue my way through the Metatron’s Army Reboot.

A bit of happy news?  It came to my attention as I’ve been moving through these manuscripts that only the first couple got messed up. 

Though I will continue combing through the remaining manuscripts.

I was happy to learn that the only fixes required in the last few manuscripts were minor typos.

As in one misspelled word in the manuscript!

I’m taking the opportunity to adjust anything that would benefit from it, such as a change of verb tense.

Anything to smooth it out or fill in context if it would improve things.

I anticipate being finished with this project by the end of the week.

Though it may take longer to figure out how the wrong versions got reissued.

I suppose I should thank this morning’s aviary alarm.  It means I’m well on my way.

Speaking of beauty and spring.

And Metatron’s Army.

I recently received screenshots from a Michigan friend who knows I appreciate beautiful sunrises and sunsets. A short while after getting them I came upon the following passage from Pawn Storm: Book 6 in the series.

It’s another example of how I draw from life experience in my work.

Excerpt: (Christine, who is from Berkeley, Michigan, is speaking with Verix)

She looked at the side mirror.  “No star set.”

“You did not face sunsets on the beach in Virginia.  Wrong direction.”

“I wasn’t looking for sunsets in Virginia.”  She drummed her fingers on the door.  “Some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen were in a rearview mirror.”


She smiled.  Explain.  Pure Verix.  “In Michigan, driving east on 696, you look back and see incredible colors streaking the sky behind you.”

“What makes Michigan sunsets different than any other?”

“The colors.  Vibrant reds, purples, peaches, oranges, all of them streaking across the sky at once.  A lot of times unique cloud formations mirror the colors.  It’s really spectacular.”


The most breathtaking sunrises I’ve seen were while living in Colorado.

Especially when I was visiting a friend in Castle Rock some years back.

I don’t have photos of those but I can share the beautiful screenshots from Michigan.

Kensington Metro Park.


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