Sipping espresso and working through Positional Play, 4th in the Metatron’s Army series.

Due to a sync’ing issue the files reissued previously contain errors.  I’m in the process of addressing that.  I’ve also addressed the process so this won’t happen again.

I’m also working on various projects.

Preparing for them.

In preparation for the nonfiction project – at this point – it’s a matter of taking a few classes online and making a variety of decisions.

In preparation for the fiction projects, it’s a matter of filling in the gaps.

I am excited to get to work on the stories that will be part of this series.  As I will be introducing new characters, I need to fill out the town, not to mention the greater area around the town.  What makes that a bit of a challenge is that one of the stories was originally going to be set in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  When I decided to expand the series, I needed to change the location to accommodate the series as a whole.

Not to mention the book I ended up releasing first – Port In a Storm – would not have worked in the Eastern US.

It isn’t a simple matter of moving from one set of trees to another.  I need to consider cultural differences as well as the truth that a mountain is not a mountain is not a mountain.

Beautiful as it is, the Blue Ridge Mountain Range is significantly different from the Rockies, or the Sierra Nevadas or the Cascades or the Olympics.

I also need to fill the town in a bit.

I describe the town, some of the people who run the shops  in both Port In a Storm and Soothsayer.

I also decided to have a sub-category of stories within the Port Gallatan family and need to lay the foundation for that.

As it’s tied to the rerelease of another book, timing is important.  I must be patient.

In the case of this series it is more that I need to continue to fill out the pieces involved in the overall world of Dragon Core.

Which I started with Redemption and The Isle of Future Past.

I will be adding another piece of the bigger picture in Messenger of the Gods which will be the next DC release.

  • Metatron’s Army

In this case I have 2 – 3 additional books in the queue.  However, I’m still ironing out important considerations such as which order 2 of them will be.

Though I have a good idea what I need to do I feel a bit intimidated because it’s a lot of work.

  • Other

I have other books tied to other series but need to work out various challenges.

Including the possibility to release a book from a series and have it be a stand-alone.

I’ve also had to deal with the fact some of the locations I would have liked to work with just won’t work out.

Geographic distance is a problem in one.  Logistics in another.

I’ll provide updates as appropriate.  For now I’m working to fill in any gaps.

And going over the MA novels with a fine-toothed comb to ensure the right version is rereleased.

The first 3 MA books should be available within a week or so.

Stay tuned.

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