For someone who spent spring and summer 2021 organizing writing projects and streamlining my websites, these past weeks have been busy with…

Career Organizing!

Do.  Undo.  Though I’m happy with most of the work I did last spring and summer, I spent the past few days undoing some of it.  Specifically, I’d moved a table and a few knick knacks from one part of the house to another.  Step 1 of this incarnation of career organization was putting everything back the way it was.

Which took all of 20 minutes.

Do.  Redo.  One of the more difficult parts of career organizing is displaying what I have in a meaningful way.  As the websites are my primary tool for this I spend a lot of time and energy on how they look and what they contain.  Deciding I’d inadvertently overly complicated things I spent time these past weeks reworking things, including removing some of the pages that, though potentially helpful, weren’t necessary.

They’d become clutter.

Speaking of Clutter..

Knick Knack Hell or Haven?  Ever since reading Terah Kathryn Collins’ The Western Guide to Feng Shui Room by Room, I’ve made a point to ensure I’m surrounded by items I like or love.

She explains that everything we see and have around us is talking to us so it pays to ensure we like what the objects are saying and for the most part I’ve been successful.  

Even objects that bring a smile can wear out their welcome.

She writes how objects can hold us in place if they remind us of where we’ve been not where we are going.  

As I sat staring at the various pieces I’d placed with care throughout the rooms in my house I came to see that though I still identify with the concepts they represent, I no longer need to have a visual reminder.

I’ve internalized the philosophies so I no longer need a visual anchor for them.

When I looked at it that way I came to see the objects – touchstones along my career path – were now – groan – clutter!

I spent about 20 – 30 minutes gathering everything up and putting them into zippies to take to the donate drop.

Use or Not.  In addition to small items like dragons and castles, I parted with jewelry I bought but never wore.

Mostly earrings.

They weren’t impulse buys.  I really thought they would be good.  In the end, however, I may have worn them only one or two times.  Even so it wasn’t easy for me to say good-bye.  I hate to admit it but I think I was holding onto them in case I decided to wear them “some” day!

What makes that particularly painful is that I’m not at all someone who holds onto items because I might use them “”some” day.  When I realized that was the reason I’d been holding onto them I knew I had to act.

Into the donate pile they went.

Wow!  Though I have a number of Feng Shui success stories I’m always amazed at how quickly implementing the principles manifest good results.  Whether it’s just feeling better or a more tangible event, I have yet to be disappointed.

In this case the quickest return on my investment was a feeling.  I’d moved a table from the entry area to a different part of the house.  It wasn’t until it was gone that I realized by seeing it out of the corner of my eye while I sat and worked, I was negatively impacted.

I felt as if it was crowding me, which sent a subliminal message of deadline pressure when it came to my career.

Interesting as the entry to a home is mapped to career energy.

Once the table was removed I felt more relaxed with a renewed sense that timing wise, everything was on track.

Chain Reaction.  I’m still tweaking things but doing so in a rather systematic way.  Instead of having an end image in mind I wait to see how one change may or may not necessitate another.

So far so great!

All in all a good way to start 2022!

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