As I wrap up the week before Christmas and the time before the New Year I wanted to provide readers and visitors with an update and a bit of perspective.


Working on Covenant: Prodigal Son which is a Metatron’s Army novel.  

In spite of having been away from the series in terms of novels I am pleased with how things are progressing.

Lessons From the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army and the play by play I did on metatronsarmy.com meant I never truly stepped away from the story, which helped.


Over the spring and summer I spent considerable effort revamping my websites including reorganizing material and adding videos.  

This is the type of activity I normally work on late fall/early winter.

Since I’m always evaluating I can always find ways to tweak and improve.  

This winter is proving no different.  

Readers may notice a few changes as I continue my efforts.


In preparation for Wine, Music & Ghosts, which is set to debut in spring.summer 2022 I took a look at all the projects in the queue with an eye on which ones I am passionate about and which ones are just cool ideas.  

I gauge projects based on whether or not they keep me up at night – because I can’t stop working on them.  

I love them that much!


In closing I wanted to share a bit of perspective with readers and visitors to the site.  I know things are stressful right now.  As someone who has overcome an incredible amount of adversity in my life, throughout my life, I wanted to share a couple of ideas for helping to get through.

They helped me navigate the chaos.


To further put it in perspective – it’s 1979.

I was sitting in the car waiting for my mom.  

It was early autumn and we were having an Indian Summer in Michigan.

I was about two months past the brain hemorrhage that left me blind, paralyzed, and in a coma and while my eyesight had returned and I was learning to walk again, I was unhappy with how my life changed.  One of the things I was particularly upset about was that my hair, which had been down past the middle of my back, had been shaved so they could operate.  

After two months it was similar to a military buzz cut.

Though some may think relative to the other things that happened this wasn’t as serious and normally I might agree.


Some of the kids at school kept telling me I was ugly and looked like a boy.  As an eleven-year-old girl it was pretty upsetting.

Upsetting hell, it was traumatizing.

As I sat in the car my eyes zeroed in on my shadow.

It was sunny.  

What stuck out most was what was sticking out:  My ears.  Unfortunately, this only served to drive home the point that my hair wasn’t going to be long anytime soon, so I was stuck with noticing my ears.

And assuming everyone else was staring at them too.

Fortunately, I was able to bring to mind a simple truth.  Eventually, my hair was going to grow long again.  

In other words, some day this would all be behind me.

I chewed on that reality for awhile, soon realizing the same principle applied to a lot of what I was unhappy about.  

  • Eventually I would walk without a limp
  • Eventually I wouldn’t have to have EEGs
  • Eventually I wouldn’t be paraded in front of one doctor after another like a specimen under glass
  • Eventually I would be in a different school with different kids
  • Etc

I went through all the things that were bothering me but I didn’t stop there! 

 I added goals of a different nature to my list!

  • I would go to college
  • I would become a writer
  • I would travel the world
  • I would direct my own destiny

That last one was very important to someone at the mercy of those who didn’t necessarily have my best interests at heart.

Everything on my list came true.

The Lesson?  When you can’t do anything about the moment, put your eyes to the future.


Writing goals out is known to help them manifest.  Visualization also helps bring them from wish to reality.

As a bonus, by putting your attention on happy things you take it off the things bringing you down, improving your mood and your outlook.

Which adds fuel to the manifesting efforts.


I found reading to be a great way to distract myself when I can’t do anything about what’s going on at the moment.

Even when I know a situation will eventually resolve itself, I may need to deal with the now.

What better way to let go of your worries than to lose yourself in a world you never knew existed?

Happy Holidays!


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