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Happy Thanksgiving to readers and visitors!  I was sitting here thinking over not what I’m thankful for – I do that every morning and every evening – but of various Thanksgivings, noting how many of them brought paranormal energy into my life.  

That made me wonder if there isn’t something about this time of year, the earth being closer to the sun even as it’s tilting away in the Northern Hemisphere, that influences that.

For those interested in the idea of the impact of solar energy on “woo woo” things I suggest reading The Intention Experiments:  Using Your Thoughts To Change Your Life and Your World by Lynne McTaggart.

I suppose the paranormal is on my mind not only because of the feeling I have but because Destination Unknown: Explorations of the Paranormal is now available for purchase. 

Kindle is always the first  e-format to be available.  The others take a bit longer but should be available within days.

I’m happy with all the material I publish but this book is very special to me for a number of reasons.  I suppose what’s uppermost in mind is what I recently told a friend: The thought of not doing it is unacceptable.  If I let fear drive my decisions my soul will shrivel.

What’s to Fear?  It’s scary to share something so very personal with the world.  What helped was the fact that each and every story is 100% true.  

It really happened!

That may sound like I’m trying to convince myself and there have been times I couldn’t believe what I was seeing or experiencing.

More than once I’ve said “I’m really seeing this.  This is really happening.”

And yet…

That the book is chronologically organized enabled me to see that – as I have repeatedly said – the paranormal has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

The first event – as far as I’m aware – took place when I was five.

In addition to sharing true stories, I point out when an event inspired a character or a scene, or, as in the case of meeting ET, an entire book.

Though only some of the events in The Company She Keeps are drawn from the real life experience.

And yet the book contains only a fraction of paranormal events that color my life.

Some will be published in future material.  Some didn’t add and the absence didn’t detract so I just left it out.

One of the reasons this book stands out for me is that it’s the culmination of years of effort on one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced:  How do you organize fiction and nonfiction in a way that helps readers and visitors understand who I am as a writer?

  • Scientist/researcher
  • Psychic
  • Passionate fiction writer
  • Passionate healer who wants to help others

Irrespective of the dramatic changes to the publishing industry, the truth is readers need to know how to find you and though authors understand the frustration of being pigeon-holed into a genre they feel is too narrow or inappropriate, it’s currently the best tool for readers to use when searching for material.

Ask just about any romance writer and they’ll tell you genre categories are woefully inadequate to showcase their work.  Do you know how many subgenres there are?  Think comedy romance, drama romance, paranormal romance, time-travel romance, sci-fi romance…  The list is endless!

 Nonfiction can be equally frustrating.  

Just think of how many subgenres of health or self-help there are!

For years I  have wrestled with the challenge of representing myself on the web in a way that honored all these facets of my writing.

It’s part of the reason I have changed the websites so often.  I wasn’t satisfied/knew in my heart I could do better.

In Destination Unknown:, all these disparate pieces come together!

Example:  As I write in Ignoring the Rules  An Intriguing Guide to Resolving Calcium Toxicity, ET, a ghost I met in Vegas, April 2011, helped me navigate my way through digestive issues that were a puzzle.

Destination Unknown is a nonfiction book in which I share how I embraced the paranormal, taking every opportunity to learn about it.  That certain events inspired fictional plots and characters is, in my opinion, the perfect marriage in terms of writer identity.

It all comes together!

It reads like a story because it is a story!  A true story but one that by the nature of what was happening is entertaining as well as educational.

Those interested in the paranormal will get a bird’s-eye view into the life of a psychic.

As for turkey day and the paranormal?  

As per the book:

In August 1991 I had a series of dreams in which my deceased maternal grandfather visited me and showed me scenes from my future.

He also warned me about certain individuals working at the same tech company I was.

Two of the dreams were of future Thanksgivings.

One was Thanksgiving 1991 and the other was Thanksgiving 1998.

In Thanksgiving 1991 he showed me where I would be going, who would be there, and gave me a bonus glimpse into how many kids my brother and his wife would be having.

They were expecting their first at this point.

He showed me the sex of the last one and thanks to what was going in the dream, his name.

I shared this information with one other non-family member.  Everything came true exactly as I saw in that dream.

For Thanksgiving 1998 I was at my paternal grandparents’ house and the man I was going to marry was outside on the patio.  When I tried to turn to get a better look at him, my grandfather dragged me to a different part of the house.

Which is where my nephew was.  He was young at the time and took a spill.  Another adult picked him up and that is when I heard his name – decades before he was born.

I complained to my maternal grandfather that I hadn’t gotten a good look at him to which he replied I wasn’t allowed to see him.  My response?  “I want to know what he looks like so I don’t tell him to take a hike when I meet him.

No dice.

In the book I talk about the dreams from a different perspective.

Another Thanksgiving story that is also in the book:  We were visiting San Diego for Thanksgiving.

At the time we were living in Fort Collins, Colorado.

As I sat on the hotel balcony I looked across at a residential building.  I remember thinking how nice it would be to live there, be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with a view of the ocean like that in such an amazing city.

I’d loved and wanted to move to San Diego since I first visited when I was 14.

Two years later we were living in a residential tower right across from the one I’d been looking at.

Manifestation can feel very paranormal in nature, trust me.

I believe Destination Unknown: Explorations of the Paranormal will appeal to a wide audience. 

 It packs a lot of punch while providing a peek into a world you may not know exists.


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