A Wild Ride Over Stony Ground

                                            – Animal, Def Leppard

The past twenty-four hours has been a wild one alright.  I shouldn’t be surprised.

Mine is the Psi life after all.

I started the week facing the possibility I wasn’t going to make the self-imposed deadline of releasing Destination Unknown: Explorations of the Paranormal.

End of November 2021.

The final edit wasn’t finished and I had yet to write a back of book synopsis.

At least the cover was done.

What had me most concerned was that I didn’t have a Conclusion.

How do you wrap up a work like this?!

Before going to bed I asked “the dude” who has been a guiding if celestial force in my life since I was a child to help.

Be Careful What You Wish For.  Shortly after waking up I received a text that was the equivalent of tugging on a celestial thread.  

A thread that was blocking my creativity.

Within minutes I had the angle for the Conclusion.  

Within an hour I had it written.

Immediately after I wrote the back of book synopsis, the beginnings of which I got in a dream several nights earlier.

After asking “the dude” for help with that before bed that night.

Immediately after I successfully got the landing page up.

Not a given considering the Gremlin effect that colors my technology life.

And here I am, immediately after that posting a blog so people can see what will, in fact, be available by the end of the month.

Barring any unforeseen issues.

The End is Where We Begin

                                 – Thousand Foot Krutch

What is particularly ironic about Destination Unknown: Explorations of the Paranormal is the role my parents unknowingly played in its completion.

Perspective is Everything.  For me, the beginning and the ending of a manuscript are often challenging.

Especially with nonfiction.

For this work, it begins with a story when I was eight years of age and my dad and I are watching In Search of … ESP and ends with my mom texting me this morning about a paranormal event that echoed one I just added to the final chapter last night.

Life is strange.

And Coincidences?  Stranger.

Destination Unknown is on track for release by the end of this weekend.

Stay Tuned.

And Happy Thanksgiving!

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