I just put the finishing touches on the first draft of Destination Unknown: Explorations of the Paranormal, a World of EMF Publication.  

Instead of feeling tired – 55000 words in 5 days – I feel energized.  Looking back over my life – the sheer number of paranormal experiences I’ve had – was oddly soothing to my soul.  

It helps that I had an adventure buddy.

I’m Really Seeing This.  I’m not sure I would have had the courage to release this information if not for the fact I’ve had a number of witnesses.

The most important one being the EE I’m married to.

This Really Happened.  He has not only been a direct witness to many of the events, he has been able to validate things in a way that convinced me the fantastical was real.

It was happening to me and “I” was having a hard time believing it. As he said recently, “You can’t make this stuff up!”

I’m very proud of this book and excited for the opportunity to provide a glimpse into the world of esoteric EMFs.

The Other Adventure Buddy.  While a number of the paranormal experiences – which began when I was five – are amazing, one of the most monumental events of my psi life – which I share in this book – is meeting ET.

A ghost I met in Vegas in April 2011.

I am happy to share the story in the upcoming book. 

Along with other paranormal tidbits that made their way into a number of my novels.

Destination Unknown: Explorations of the Paranormal will be available by the end of November 2021.

Stay Tuned.

I purchased this guitar pick pendant while living in Fort Collins, as an ode to ET who has been one of the most incredible, wonderful parts of my psi life.  I’m ever so grateful he decided to talk to me.

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