Boy has it been a productive day!

  • Watched a YouTube tutorial
  • Finished a nonfiction business book
  • Added new pages to the website

There were a number of smaller business related items I knocked off the list so I listened to some tunes to relax until I decided rereading one of my novels would be more fun.

Metatron’s Legacy – it really is one of my fav’s – often makes me laugh.

I’m pleased to announce the The Isle of Future PastDragon Core novel is now available on kindle.

The other ebook formats will be available shortly.  The processing just takes a little longer.

Stay tuned!

From Metatron’s Legacy:

He walked over, squatted down in front of her.  “You criticize my appearance, my name, and my home, and you want my help?”

She gazed back impassively.  “I told you, I don’t need your help.”

He grabbed her wrist, turned it.  “Yes, you do.”

“You know, you’re a mouthy Light Being with an attitude.”

He held up her hand.  “So, my dear, are you.”

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