Well, I know it’s my life.

I was out doing a bit of early Christmas shopping when I had an experience I’ve only had twice prior:  Time Stood Still.

I turned down a corridor and came upon a mime.  The moment our eyes locked – Time Stood Still.

Even though there were people in the vicinity and it was windy and rainy, there was suddenly no sound.  Everything froze.

I have no idea if he experienced the same.

I didn’t ask.

What I did say – twice – was “Wow” after which I made my way with my shopping companions to a store where I’ve had great success in the past finding unique gifts.  When I left the place, gifts in hand, I saw that he’d moved on.

But the experience – for me – hadn’t.

As we sat down to lunch I recalled how amazingly similar the experience was to the two previous times, one that happened ten years ago, the other two years prior to that.

In neither case did I inquire if the other party had that same surrealistic experience.

Quite a bit later I noticed he’d returned.  Feeling a little awkward about my earlier reaction – who says Wow? – I went over.  What came out of my mouth didn’t improve things.

I told him it took my breath away.  

Because it did.  That moment when all sound stopped and everything froze?  I don’t think I took a breath.  I was too locked into the moment of noticing time halted.  I was also comparing it to the earlier two times, noting it felt exactly the same.

He was very gallant about the whole thing.

Beyond polite.

Knowing there was no way I could possibly explain, not to mention several people were waiting to take photos with him, I moved on after – I think – thanking him.

It was only a bit later that I remembered something I read in that shop – right after the incident:  

 Life isn’t measured in the breaths we take but by the things that take our breath away.

This definitely counts.

Perspective Is Everything.  To put this in perspective I need to back up to the previous night.  Distressed by something, I lay awake most of the night.

Toward five, knowing I had to get up in a few hours, I asked God for a sign regarding the concern.

Adding that being me – it needed to be something I couldn’t chalk up to coincidence.

The first reply came in an email notifying me of a Like on a recent post.  What made it unique was the name of the individual who did the like.  It was a word I almost used in the post.

A word that is so unique the event – the timing of it – was statistically significant.

But it wasn’t enough.

This is me.  When it comes to coincidences, I’m a hard sell.

Though I thanked God I told him being the doubting Thomas that I am about such things I would truly appreciate if He wouldn’t mind sending another sign.

Though I won’t break them down I can tell you a number of events played out in the hours after that request that left no doubt my concerns had been heard.

That mime who was ever so gallant in spite of my awkward reaction?  He was definitely a thumbs up from the Universe.

The Isle of Future Past, a Dragon Core novel should be available for purchase by or before the end of the weekend.

Stay tuned.

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