I’m thrilled to report I’ve completed the filming of several videos.  Why thrilled?  Filming video is one of my least favorite things to do.

Not Camera Shy.  I’m not uncomfortable talking in front of large crowds though it’s quite a bit different when you are representing a company at something like an AutoFact as opposed to representing yourself. I’ve also been on television before.  

What makes it one of my least favorite things to do is that it’s a lengthy, involved, complex process.

In the Mood.  Writing content can be impacted by how I’m feeling at the moment.  What’s particularly frustrating is the number of times when I’ll spontaneously talk about something to someone and then think, “Damn, I wish I had that on camera!”

I’ve tried being spontaneous but for me the structure of working with the filming process isn’t conducive to spontaneity success.

Location.  The Doubled-Edged Sword.  It’s incredible how often outside factors mess with a shoot.  

Especially when filming outdoors where you have to deal with uncontrollable factors like weather, noise.

I live in an area with a lot of wildlife.  Many of my early shoots were close to a nature reserve populated with coyotes and the occasional wolf or bear.  I had to remind myself that rustling leaves did not translate to a carnivore on the set.

And people.

I had just set up to do a shoot in San Diego a few years back when another camera crew came in and asked me to move.  I could not believe it.  I ended up coming back another day.  They were -.  Words cannot describe.  I’m still shaking my head.

Even filming indoors – where more variables are under your control – can be challenging in terms of lighting and ambient noise.

Planes and buses are the worst.

The Unexpected.  There are a variety of unanticipated factors that can throw off the vibe though most of the time those just lead to numerous takes before the project is finished.

Already Tired and Not Even Started. Having so much of this fresh in my mind kept me from being able to put my heart into the project and I refused to film until it was.  I am pleased to say that today, it call came together.

But Wait…The videos are now in the hands of the producer.  I anticipate having them posted by the end of next week if not before.

Stay tuned.

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