Normally blogs posted to this site are regarding career projects with a focus on the various fiction series and the novels within them.

However, I do have several nonfiction books and though I am not currently blogging nonfiction outside updates on various projects, I felt the information I’m sharing here relevant and important as it may help others.

This is the primary motivation behind all my nonfiction work.  In sharing what I’ve learned or observed I am able to help others who may be suffering.  

In this case, the suffering may be a low hum in one if not both ears in the hours or days following the Covid-19 Vaccine.

Before sharing the remedy I used to stop the low hum within hours of its onset I will give a bit of background.

For me, the decision to get the Covid-19 vaccine was not straight forward. In addition to the fact I have just regained my health after heavy metal poisoning that caused both EMF Sensitivity and Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have a history of severe reactions to previous vaccines and severe allergy to penicillin.

In light of the fact that by not getting vaccinated, regardless of the reasons, I would be more or less cut off from society, unable to attend concerts, travel freely, or enjoy time with friends and family who were not under the same restrictions, I considered the situation as a whole.


I considered that I am, thanks to years of hard work, very healthy and free of the heavy metal toxins that led to the illnesses.

And I am free of those illnesses.

I considered that the reactions to vaccines happened when I was a child.

A long time ago.

I considered that I have not had penicillin in decades.

I took Amoxycillin 30 years ago after which I had a severe reaction and was advised to never take it or any form of penicillin again lest I risk anaphylactic shock.

It was the reaction to penicillin that gave me the most concern outside the fact I questioned whether doing this so soon after finally feeling better  for the first time in 10 years was the best idea.

I remember thinking if it was two years from now it would be a no-brainer.

What had me reconsidering was that they were giving the vaccine to cancer patients.  I mean talk about a compromised immune system!  I then thought through how, as a holistic doctor, I actually have tools at my disposal for dealing with vaccine reactions, including histaminum.  The more I thought about it the more confident I felt that if I had any reaction I’d handle it.

Worst case, head to the ER.

The concern of penicillin allergy just wouldn’t go away.  Turning the decision over to my unconscious mind I went about my normal life.

By this time even vax’d people were again facing restrictions so it wasn’t as if there was much difference.  Our area never really stopped wearing masks regardless.

One morning I was placing a tube of nux vomica with the other “first-aid” remedies I have when my eyes fell to the tube of histaminum.  Because my first-aid supplies consist of homeopathic, herbal, and over-the-counter medications, this tube was next to a jar of clay I’ve used for bee stings, a bottle of activated charcoal I’ve used to treat food poisoning, and – a box of Benadryl.  As I stared at the two allergy remedies sitting side by side I wondered – if I took Benadryl before getting the vaccine, maybe I could head off any allergic reaction and if I still had one?  Histaminum would take care of it.

Curious, I did a Google search on how to get rid of penicillin allergy.  Interestingly, several articles mentioning Benadryl came up.  After reading a few I felt more confident about that particular concern.  Another search turned up that many people are advised to take a dose of Benadryl before taking the Covid-19 vaccine to head off an allergic reaction.

Most did mention this was recommended before the second dose when a reaction was more likely.

Confident, I went ahead and scheduled the vaccine at Walgreen’s.

Not wanting to chance it I took the Benadryl 45 minutes before the first dose after having lunch.

Not only did I not have any problems I actually felt fantastic after that vaccine.  In fact, I felt better than I had in decades!

I had a serious feeling of well-being.  I felt totally and completely normal for the first time since having lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and being exposed to all those toxins that led to serious illness.

The feeling of well-being and normalcy lasted right up until the second dose and though I felt confident things would go well with the second dose, I kept to the plan of having a good lunch after which I would take a dose of Benadryl before the second shot.

My heart rate increased for about ten minutes after getting the second shot after which I again had a strong feeling of well-being.  This feeling stayed with me for the next 48 hours.  I had zero side effects.  However…

At approximately 4am on the third day after the second dose I woke up to a humming sound.  Since we live near a lumber mill my first thought was that they were doing something.

I’d been woken up previously when some activity at the mill caused a humming noise.

The next morning I noticed that the humming, which was only in my left ear, had not ceased.  Worse, as the morning progressed, a pressure that I would normally associate with sinus pressure started then steadily increased.  By around 10am I was in pain.

I sat quietly tuning into each symptom, thinking about when it started, how it progressed.  I did this so I could decide what to do to address the situation.  Though it was tempting to reach for a sinus remedy something told me the problem wasn’t sinus.  On a hunch I did a search on Covid-19 vaccine and tinnitus.  Sure enough it was listed as a side effect.

There is a professor at the University of Arizona who is studying this particular effect.

I did a quick search on the web of homeopathic remedies used to treat tinnitus.  One of them – thiosinimum – caught my eye.  Used for, among other things, dissolving scar tissue, I’d just bought a tube intending to see if it could be used as an adjunct for something I was working on.  

Prior to this I’d been seeing results from chipping away at calcium toxicity.

The tube was on a table right next to me, unopened.  I didn’t notice any marked difference after taking a dose but something told me I was on the right path and not just because it was homeopathy.  Sitting next to that tube was a tube of thuja occidentalis which I’d been using as part of the migraine cure I’d stumbled on.  Within four hours of taking several doses the humming was completely gone.

I took 4 pellets of 30C for the first dose then 3 pellets of 30C every 15 minutes for the next 1 1/2 hours then stopped.  The humming hadn’t stopped completely but it was much quieter and no longer constant.  I took a hot shower ten minutes after the last dose.  By the time I’d finished drying my hair the ringing had ceased.

A quick search on what thuja is used for may explain why this worked for the hum.  While it is used for respiratory tract infections it is also used for osteoarthritis and a nerve disorder that affects the face called trigeminal neuralgia.  It’s this last that likely explains why the remedy worked.  From the web:

Disruptions of the trigeminal nerve caused by neuralgia may also induce or contribute to tinnitus.

Knowing others are experiencing this same side effect I wanted to post the solution as soon as possible.  I hope anyone who sees this passes the information along as it may help not only vaccine-induced tinnitus but those suffering from tinnitus in general.

Be well!

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