I want to take a moment to thank readers for their patience while I’m turning a tanker mid-voyage.

Tweaking my career.

I have endeavored to communicate every step of the way but the truth is my career is not and has never been static.

One of the major reasons I went into tech was because I have a passion for always learning, always improving.  Always exploring.

Just as with my career in tech my career as a writer which literally started when I penned my first fiction piece at age 6** has and will continue to evolve.

I’m pleased to share the following:

To better serve readers I have decided in lieu of a newsletter to do what I call Data Sheets.  These will be publications dedicated to very specific nonfiction topics that will be available for purchase.  Information will include my ongoing work with EMF Sensitivity, with a rather interesting twist:  Psi energy and GMFs are more esoteric forms of EMFs but are EMFs.  As a psychic I have gained incredible insight into these topics and look forward to sharing my observations.  As with all my nonfiction my audience will include those who are what I term sole practitioners of life and those who prefer to work with advisors.

I am making minor adjustments to my websites.  This is to make things easier for readers and those seeking specific information, including what goes into being a paranormal fiction writer.

I will provide additional information in the weeks and months to come, including video material.  

I’m also continuing to write.

Stay tuned!

**Won an award too!

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