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As I sat down to write this entry, I became aware that the rain against some part of my house sounds like the opening strains of Blondie’s Heart of Glass.  

Kind of cool.  Maybe I’ll listen to her greatest hits album and decompress after a day of serious mental labor.**

With Redemption in the hands of the beta reader I have been working on a number of projects slated for release in the next few months.

I’m hoping to have majority of the projects complete by the end of this calendar year.

Some of the projects are already finished.

Not all pages will have this new banner.

Though I remain focused on science fiction, I do have works of paranormal fiction.

In addition to the various paranormal fiction series, I will be including features related to the paranormal as it pertains to my writing.

I have a number of projects yet to come.

  • Videos
  • Additional Pages
  • New books

Stay tuned.

** Turns out Blondie released an album – Pollinator – in 2017. It’s got some good stuff on it.

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