Eventful Day

Note to Self:  Don’t do more than four videos in succession unless absolutely necessary.

Listening to Judas Priest and trying to recover from a marathon video session done in preparation for launch of app 28 years in the making.  

I must not be bothered by lengthy projects.  Metatron’s Army was 35 plus years in the making before Advantage release.

Though I have decades of speaking in front of audiences, when it comes to shooting video, I’m camera shy.

I have to grab the opportunity when the mood strikes.

As I listen to Turbo Lover I consider today’s highlights

  • Distracted by single frizzy curl while looking in bathroom mirror practicing lines
  • Distracted by toothpaste spatter on bathroom mirror while practicing lines
  • Stop practicing lines to gather supplies to clean mirror
  • Fiddle with hair comb then abandon deciding I can’t worry about single frizzy curl
  • Watch a glass knocked with paper towel roll to floor and break
  • Slip and fall on wet bathroom floor while cleaning broken glass
  • Acknowledge – begrudgingly –I tweaked my back when I fell 
  • Set everything aside making note to vacuum floor of stray glass shards before walking barefoot across it and return to practicing lines
  • Make note to get bathmats to deal with wet tile
  • Go through trauma of setting up video in room where furniture was changed around for someone’s video project earlier in the week
  • Try to pretend I’m not distracted by the furniture rearrangement
  • Distracted by fading afternoon light
  • Distracted by lower back pain compliments of slipping on bathroom floor
  • Vow to never clean broken glass again (grin)
  • Worry about stray frizzy curl and go  to nearby bathroom to check – repeatedly
  • Remind self that even “the greats” go through chaos as evidenced by Neil Young’s Mountaintop.
  • Distracted by fact my script has no easy segue between paragraphs leading to repeated takes
  • Vow to never do this to myself again then remember I’ve made same vow before 
  • Pretend stray curl isn’t making my eyebrow itch
  • Pretend my nose doesn’t itch
  • Pretend back isn’t bothering me as I continue video shoot
  • Decide to reward myself for successfully finishing six successive videos
  • Do long lower back stretch and promise myself that after celebration dinner and dessert it will all be better
  • Realize I lied to myself about the stretch fixing the back and decide what I need is… Heavy Metal Music!
  • Start blog – blow it away because it sounds stupid
  • Restart blog while blasting Judas Priest and Ozzy Osbourne
  • Realize my back feels better
  • Thank Aaron for reminding me name of Neil movie we saw and for link so readers will know what I’m talking about
  • Smile as I smell special dinner Aaron is making to help me celebrate

  • Put Arnica Montana gel on back
  • Celebrate that App launch is imminent

Stay tuned.

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