Weather update

Apparently, there is a backup at Amazon. The good news is that the status of Rainmaker, second case file in the Ghost Games Series, has been moved up from “review” to “publishing.”

I anticipate kindle availability any day.

I just finished the first draft of Shadow of the Gods, second in the Dragon Core Series.

It is now in the hands of the beta reader.

I am really happy with how this installment in the series turned out and am excited to share it with readers this spring.

Going Forward. I had been lamenting the fact I didn’t have a short story that fit into the Dragon Core Series, as it would be a great way to provide readers with a Bite Size Pieces introduction to the series.

Then, inspiration struck!

Bite Size to the Rescue! Seriously, I had been toying with a potential sixth book but was unsure whether I could eke the idea into a full-length novel. In the weeks since putting it on the back burner I’ve come to realize it will be a perfect Dragon Core short story.

But First! Before I start to work on this next project I’m going to think of a way to celebrate the milestone I’ve achieved in finishing Shadow of the Gods and Rainmaker.

I rarely celebrate the publication of the books, instead jumping right into the next project.

Given my options I’m thinking of a fancy dessert paired with my favorite champagne, Chandon Brut

NOTE: After discussing it with a member of the art staff I’ve decided to go all out and make a nice dinner – try something I’ve never had before – followed by the dessert etc.

The benefit of spending time at home – opportunity to try new meals. I haven’t cooked this much since I was a kid – when you ground your own meat and got to find weevils in the flour. No wonder I vowed not to cook unless I had to. once I was an adult. The folly of youth.

As soon as the kindle version of Rainmaker is available I will update.

I anticipate Shadow of the Gods being available late May/early June 2020.

Stay tuned!

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