Perspective is Everything

Thought I’d start the week off with an announcement and a little humor.  

The News.  I’m pleased to announce Cauldron of the Gods, first in the Dragon Core series is available for purchase.

The Funnies.  Was driving yesterday and pulled in for a pit stop.  Aaron, who was driving, started to laugh and asked “Does that say what I think it says?  Does that really say Crap?”  I looked up and answered, “Yep.  That’s what it says.”

I suggested he take a photo since it was so funny.  

When I got back to the car I pulled up my phone and took a picture as well.

As I looked at my photo – taken from the passenger seat – I noticed a slight difference.  There was an S at the front of that word but unless you were looking at it from my perspective, you wouldn’t have seen it.

As the dragon says

Perspective is everything.

Have a great week!

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