A Day to Celebrate


Just sat down with a glass of Chandon Brut and am admiring the roses I bought for myself – to celebrate.

And there is a lot to be happy about.


  • It’s a sunny day

It was quite overcast earlier.

Adjudication: The Final Installment is with the beta reader.  Release date: October 1, 2019.

  • Cauldron of the Gods: Book One in the Dragon Core Series is well underway

I’d been struggling with a few plot elements for the past several months.

  • Multiple books are in the queue

Three Paranormal Journeys stories and Inheritance: The first in the Ghost Games series.  Plus more.

  • I went on a beautiful hike

Based on events that happened four decades ago today that was not a certainty.  This is the day I had the brain hemorrhage that left me blind, paralyzed, in a coma for a bit, and dying three separate times in three days.

  • I am (and have been) able to see the good that came from such a traumatic event – which makes it easier to celebrate.

Much of the insight that helped me understand EMF Sensitivity and how to deal with it stems from that fateful day and all that transpired in the years after.

Constantly having multiple doctors ordering tests repeatedly as they claimed they didn’t trust whatever hospital or lab the last two (or three doctors)  used meant I got a serious peek into how the medical system – and technicians in it – works.

I even saw that information from my doctoral thesis, written 7 years before I figured out I was sensitive to the Ultra Low and Very Low Electromagnetic Frequencies that come from geologic fault lines in the hours and days prior to an earthquake, showed I had amazing insight.

Especially the section where I wrote about conductivity of various materials.

I may have eventually figured out what was going on with the EMF Sensitivity and I definitely would have figured out the remedies – because of my background in computer networking – but it would probably have been a lot harder – and slower.

In addition to understanding how the medical system works I gained great insight into how the body can heal from some pretty heavy stuff from my experience.

So, all this to say I’m having a great day!

And hope you are as well!

Celebrate life!









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