Bringing a Story to Life: Relationship Turning Point

kosmos-zviozdy-zviozdnoe-nebo-starry-sky-romantika-romanticSo, as I write adult fiction, sex and romance put in an appearance, in one form or another, in my work. My journey along this path has been anything but straight and smooth.

  • The first time I wrote a sex scene – in a wire bound notebook – it was fine.

I viewed it as a plot device and didn’t have any issues with it.

Then someone I knew read it…

  • I went through a period where I had to put on headphones and play music really loud so I didn’t have to think about anyone I knew reading what I was writing.

For the life of my I could not convince them I wasn’t writing from personal experience.*

  • Over time I got back to it being part of the plot/overall story

I told certain people to skip over the sex scenes.

  • I went through a crisis where I thought I would run out of ways to write the scenes, that it would get boring

A friend listened politely, listened, laughed, then pointed out that not only are there as many ways as there are couples, but that with my imagination, I would not have a problem. In other words, believe in myself as a writer. 

  • I went through another round of “Oh my god, people who know me will read this!”

My husband, who not only worked in the same [previous] industry as me but who had worked with me, helped me get pas this challenge. 

  • I took on projects that forced me to really challenge myself about the characters having sex / a romantic relationship

My first implementation of this stage was with Jeremy in The Lover.   

Metatron’s Army.  Dealing with alien species has introduced its own challenges with relationships and sex and due to plot progression, I’ve had to cross that bridge with a number of characters from the Metatron’s Army Series.

As in Books 11, 12, and 13.

I’ve found that though I had an idea where things were headed, I needed to truly think it all through.

I had to really put myself in the various characters’ shoes and ask myself

  • What are they thinking right now?
  • What are they afraid of at this moment?
  • What do they want to get out of this moment?
  • What is their life going to be like individually and as a couple as a result of taking this step/crossing this bridge?
  • How will other characters adapt and respond to this change in circumstance?

It has been quite the journey.  It’s also laid the foundation for bouncing between series and dealing with a variety of characters coming from a number of different backgrounds.  In other words, the experience has given me courage to tackle a number of plot and character twists that will come up in the following projects

Stay tuned!

*I still can’t convince some people I don’t write from personal experience but…

I just can’t care anymore if the people know me or not.

It bleeds too much energy.

Sex is how we got here.  It’s a part of life and I write with life in mind.


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